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Campus Times
October 8, 2004

photo by Gloria Diaz

Learning to accept what one looks like is among the many issues the play “Real Women Have Curves” confronts. After staying late to finish a merchandise order, Ana, Carmen, Pancha, Rosali and Estela embrace their physiques and empower one another. ULV’s production of “Real Women Have Curves,” which was performed in Dailey Theatre, was directed by Associate Professor of Theater Arts Jane Dibbell. It featured Enrequeta Chipana-Appel as Carmen, Adela Amaya as Ana, Kelly Quesada-Diaz as Pancha, Eva Hinajoza as Rosali and Margaret Suzanne Tipton as Estela.

Production empowers shapely women

Dailey Theatre presents its production of "Real Women Have Curves" along with seminars led by the play's writer, Josefina Lopez.

Feedback: Waiting for songs with substance

Taylor Kingsbury, columnist, finds Gwen Stefani's solo album to be lacking.

Kids music series starts new year

Jon and Cindie Rothe kick off the second year of the music department's popular series.

Creative writers give action to voice

The "Voices in Action" series kicks off in the Harris Gallery.