Campus Times
October 8
, 2004

photo by Reina Santa Cruz

Lance Armstrong and 20 cyclists kicked off the Tour of Hope, which will last eight days and end in Washington D.C., Armstrong, six-time Tour de France champion, was diagnosed with cancer eight years ago and is now trying to help raise awareness of the value of cancer clinical trials for cancer victims. Laurie Smaldone is senior vice president for strategy and issues of Bristol-Myers Squibb, the “Tour of Hope” cosponsor. The “Tour of Hope” kickoff was held Sept. 30 at the City of Hope Cancer Center in Duarte.

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‘Tour of Hope’ kicks off

Six-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong visits City of Hope to lead the charge against cancer.

Forum makes students top priority

President Travis Berry remodels the ASF Forum.



Stolen items surface online

The missing equipment is found listed for sale on eBay.

LV gift certificates promote businesses

The La Verne Chamber of Commerce begins selling gift certificates to draw customers to its member businesses.