Voters elect total recall for Davis:

What we're saying

Campus Times
October 10, 2003


by Bailey Porter
photography by Amy Babin

"If (the harassment was) years and years back, people make mistakes. That's politics; it's dirty."
- Alexandria Castro, sophomore

"I don't like Gray Davis but I do not appreciate any candidates running. I would have voted, but Arianna Huffington is out of the race."
- Rachel Leber, senior

"Arnold might win, but just because he is more popular."
- Brandon Ramirez, junior

"It's the glamour of Hollywood that is blinding everyone. I don't think Arnold would be a good choice because he has so little political experience."
- Lesley Araujo, senior

"It is quite suspicious that no one brought it up (sexual harassment) until now. I think it's dirty politics whether he did it or not."
- Kendall Broadway, senior

"I'm not too comfortable with Arnold Schwarzenegger because of the acting. I don't know if we're going from better to worse."
- Kimmil Henderson, freshman

"I am not a resident of California, and I don't watch T.V., but I am a big fan of Arnold."
- Elliot Naito, junior

"I believe Arnold will see that all the money will go to California. All political figures are corrupt in some way."
- Frank Williams, senior

"That was pretty dirty. It's like bribery (on the money from Indian casinos.) I voted at seven in the morning."
- Alfredo Mujia III, junior

"I don't know. I lost interest ­ it's not the same anymore. It's like high school elections with a popularity contest."
- Sergio Rojas, senior