Campus Times
October 10, 2003

photo by Adam Omernik

Cathy Mistone waits in line with her daughter, Alexis, to vote in favor of the recall of Governor Gray Davis. Mistone said: "Something has to be done," suggesting that Davis had been fiscally irresponsible, creating the economic crisis for California. "At least we get the option to vote."

Top Stories

Voters elect total recall for Davis

Action star terminates governor

Arnold Schwarzenegger easily wins the recall election, with nearly 50 percent of the vote.

Arnold to eliminate license fees

A deeper look at what the recall results mean for the future of California.

What we're saying

ULV students react to the recall election.



IMRCD loses executive director

Daniel Loera succeeds Derek Vergara on an interim basis.

Former ambassador to Iraq talks diplomacy

Edward Peck explains popular perceptions of the country in his lecture.

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