Fall fashion hits La Verne campus
Posted Oct. 10, 2008
Erin Brockman
Unknowingly following the over-sized bag trend, international student Xiao Lui Liu, from China, leaves class in style on Oct. 7. Designer labels like Chanel and Marc Jacobs have jumped on this trend, as well as more affordable stores such as American Eagle Outfitters and Target.

Every spring and fall season, fashion designers come together to show off their new collections and to let the public know what is “in” and what is “out” for the season.

Just because some of these trends end up in the nearest Forever 21 store does not mean that you should try these looks at home.

At Coffee Berry, adjacent to the University of La Verne, Greg Austria, an international business major, said he was not someone who follows the fashion trend.

“Just because it is popular does not necessarily mean you have to wear it,” Austria said.

Before you hit the shops to revive your wardrobe, check out what colors you wear, including fabrics and trends that naturally draw your eye.

If you have not worn something in more than a year, give it to charity so you will have more room for clothing you will wear.

“If it is too tight and shows your stomach, do not wear it, especially tops that show everything,” English major Cynthia Landaverda said.

Anything that screams out “trendy” in bright colors is something you should beware of spending money on.

Many people are also asking whether we are still in the “skinny jean phase.”

Yes, the skinny hugging denim that tapers around the leg so when you put them on you can hardly fit them around your calf is still in style this year. American Apparel has a wide arrangement of colors from bright turquoise to blue and hot pink.

“The skinny jean is great; they go with everything, especially boots during winter,” art major Amanda Villarosa said.

Bryanna Bynum, an English major, said that guys should not wear the skinny tight jean.

“I just don’t think guys should be wearing jeans that are tighter than mine,” Bynum said.

However, skinny jeans are in high demand this season for guys in many styles and colors, paired with a plain t-shirt and jacket.

“I just don’t think they are sexy on guys,” Bynum said.

If you do not already own a couple of different hats, it is time to get one. Hats are in high demand this season, such as the newsboy cap and fedora.

Jeremy Lewis, who is a senior and criminal justice major, said that any R&B artist, such as Justin Timberlake, who comes out with something new always starts a trend, and everyone will be wearing it sooner or later.

The pop star and his long time friend Trace Ayala has a new denim line for women and men called William Rast, a premiere collection which is named after their grandmothers’ last names. The denim line captures their personal flair and shows off their artistic inspiration.

You may have to hold back on the lattés everyday to save up for a pair of these jeans, which cost $220 a pop. A pair of knock-offs will also do the trick.

Remember, if you wore the trend the first time around, you should probably not wear it the second time unless you are 100 percent confident you can pull it off. Just because Rod Stewart can pants does not mean everyone can.

“I just think if you like it, you should wear it,” ULV freshman Cortney Crow said. “I don’t think there are any do’s or don’ts in fashion”

Crow agreed that your outfit should not make it to class before you do and large prints should be paired with a solid.

Monica Delgado, a freshman and majoring in psychology, said that her mom tells her that it is important to dress to pay attention, not dress to get attention.

“I think it is good to dress for the occasion. For example you would not go to the super market in a prom dress or go to the club in a suit.” Delgado said.

Ankle boots in suede, vintage leather and patent leather boots, paired with a mini dress or even tight leggings are becoming a big trend.

Villarosa said that ankle boots are everywhere this season. “I still have a pair from last year,” Villarosa said. “Equestrian boots are also going to be popular, along with Oxford boots.”

Even though the “Ugg boot” keeps popping up every season, Landaverda said that they are out this season.

“If you are going to wear Uggs, avoid wearing them with a skirt, especially mini skirts,” Villarosa said.

High waist pants for ladies are “in” and low waist pants for guys are also a going trend. So, guys throw out the Wranglers that ride up the waist and invest in low waisted trousers.

For ladies, the vintage Marilyn Monroe wide elastic corset cinch belt is being found everywhere—from being paired with a large oversized shirt and also found with a pencil skirt.

It is also time to chuck your old pair of running shoes and invest in a pair of hip Converse sneakers.

Lewis said that Vans are really popular, but a pair of Converse in either white or black is definitely a good fashion conscious decision.

“They can be worn with almost anything,” Lewis said. Converse is best paired with a wide leg jean, skinny jeans and even a pair of dressy trousers for men.

Oversized handbags are still popular this season. Even though you may have not made it to the corporate ladder yet, carrying one will make you look like it along with some big-rimmed ‘70s sunglasses. I don’t suggest you go out and buy a $125 pair of Ray Bans or Wayfarers just to compete with Lindsey Lohann, but you can usually find some inexpensive pairs at Target or Forever 21.

Since all types of scarves, from cotton knit to Indian silk for both men and women, will be the top assessory this season, keep jewelry to a minimum.

For women there are many new trends this season, such as ruffle tops, fitted jackets, riding boots, stilettos and crisp crop jackets to tie into your wardrobe.

“Make sure whatever you wear, it is flattering to your body type. There are a lot of trends out there that are not good for certain figures, so pay attention to what fits and what does not, especially tighter clothing,” Delgado said.

Also, many different types of vests are making a come back this season for men and women. And if you are on a budget, you can find some really great vests at the second hand stores.

Another hot item this season is a good pair of rain boots. They are coming out in almost every color. You do not want to be caught in rain without them. Whatever you do, just do not try to match it with your umbrella.

Jennifer Kitzmann can be contacted at jennifer.kitzmann@laverne.edu.

Fall fashion hits La Verne campus

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