Wagoner focuses on undergrads

Posted Oct. 12, 2007
Rhiannon Mim
Recently appointed Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs Zandra Wagoner has been part of the University of La Verne faculty for five years. Aside from serving as a dean and an assistant professor of religion and philosophy, Wagoner is also an animal lover. Cooper, her eight-month old Papillion, was just graduated from puppy school at J9’s K9’s in Canoga Park.

Sher Porter
News Editor

Former General Education Program Director Zandra Wagoner has been repositioned to the position of assistant dean of undergraduate programs.

She said her new position does not constitute a promotion per se. Instead, she said, her job title has been changed and she has been relocated into the provost’s office. She now deals with the concerns of all undergraduate programs instead of only the ones concerning the college of arts and sciences.

“The position has kind of been morphed into something broader than it was,” Wagoner said.

As the general education program director, Wagoner would only report to the Dean of College of Arts and Sciences. Fred Yaffe. Provost Alden Reimonenq decided that since Wagoner will be making decisions that will be affecting all of the students, her reports should be given to all of the college deans.

“Dr. Wagoner will work with faculty, deans and associate deans to implement the new general education program and to revise major programs,” Reimonenq said in an e-mailed statement.

Reimonenq hopes to see great changes with her in this new position. He wants to see more cooperation among the undergraduate programs in all of the ULV colleges, stronger academic affairs, curriculum changes in the general education program and more student-centered learning for general education courses.

One of the main projects that Wagoner is working on now is the new general education program. It requires students to take only 48 units instead of the current 60 to 80 units for the general education portion and no more than 60 units for the major. Students still need at least least 128 units to graduate, so that leaves 20 extra units for a minor, electives, pre-requisites, or supporting classes.

“We’re infusing the university values throughout our curriculum,” Wagoner said.

The program will go into effect fall 2008. Students will have a choice to either continue with the old program or work with the new program.

Depending on which program they decide to go to, students will either follow the current catalog they are following or the 2008-2009 catalog, including any new changes that it may come along with it.

“In the spring, academic advisers will help current students decide whether it is more advantageous to stay with the current GE or to switch to the new,” Reimonenq said.

Another issue Wagoner is working on is assessing whether students are learning what their professors hope they are.

“All I’ve had are people saying ‘I’m glad you’re in this position,’” Wagoner said.

“When the announcement was shared with the community I received an outpouring of emails applauding the appointment,” Reimonenq said.

Wagoner was born in Chicago, but has been living in La Verne since she was 2 years old. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from ULV, a master’s of divinity from Bethany Theological Seminary and her doctorate in religious studies from Claremont Graduate University.

She first was hired at the University of La Verne as an adjunct professor of religion and philosophy in 1999. In 2001 she became the general education director. In fall 2006 she was named assistant professor of religion and philosophy.

In 2005 she fought to create the Women, Gender, and Sexuality program on campus and in 2006, she became the chair of the program.
She was appointed assistant dean of undergraduate programs in July 2007.

“As I continue to build and refine my Academic Affairs team, my hope is to attract more talented colleagues like Dr. Wagoner,” Reimonenq said. “She is truly a prized addition to our team.”

Sher Porter can be reached at sporter4@ulv.edu.

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Wagoner focuses on undergrads

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