Fall fashion gets fired up

Posted Oct. 13, 2006

Maria Villalpando

As a “fashion lover,” Ashley Vaca, a University of La Verne student majoring in business administration, prefers to shop at Forever 21 for its “college friendly” prices.

Lights, camera, fashion; winter’s coming and it’s time to break out into this season’s threads and explore what New York runways have to offer.

As far as fall fashion goes, it’s all about vintage revivals. Animal prints paired with wispy jeans and chunky knitwear streamed down the fashion week runways and tantalized starving onlookers.

This season, models dressed in beatnik inspired hats paired with ‘60s accents and classic prints, displayed the fall woman as a mysterious wanderer dying to break free.

Dark colors combined with soft fabrics enhanced the warm winter appeal and changed knitwear as we know it.

Sweaters this season have a mind of their own and are dangling off pale shoulders in search of structure – organization is out and relaxation is in.

Everything is comfortable and yet everything is stylish.

“I think it’s really cute when I see a big sweater with leggings – it reminds me of fall,” Michelle Ajemian, junior communications major, said. “Knits come back every fall, but in different ways.”

One of the most exciting trends to watch out for is the mind boggling skinny jeans. These skin tight friends or foes are sharpening the legs of many die-hard fashionistas this fall.

“They are for people that have skinny legs but not for those that have curves like me,” Pamela Levy, a University of La Verne alumna, said.

Although extremely trendy, these chopstick inspired jeans can only cling to those who are willing to showcase their assets in a bold way.

Animal prints have also grabbed a following this fall and can be seen splashed on winter coats and contouring voluptuous handbags.

To take this trend to the limit, try pairing animal print pieces with apple greens and rosy reds.

Colors are playing a big role this season and are popping-up through mountains of dark shaded material giving these winter looks a twist of persuasion.

Although most fall colors dance in the realm of forest greens, chocolate browns and icy blacks; many juicy tones of red and green have remained in the spectrum.

Not only is the fashion this season full of mystery, there is also a sense of playfulness that is shading the outer reaches of this season’s look.

Baby doll dresses and ankle-strap stilettos are back in full swing displaying winter legs in all their glory to parallel the mystery hidden in fall’s dark color schemes.

This may have some running for the door, so don’t dismay, multiple layers and leggings are on the way.

Patterned tights and ribbed thermal leggings are gracing many shivering ankles this fall.

This look is all about layering, but don’t go overboard.

“What is the point of tights and leggings? I don’t understand why all the layers. There is no purpose,” said Anna Morris, junior liberal studies major.

Three pieces is enough to cover even those of the most eccentric nature.

Don’t take this trend to the extreme.

Shapes are playing a big role for the street look.

Weathered belts slung against lace frocks give shape to a tough feminine style that is turning the heat up on the streets of Los Angeles.

Other trends that can be seen rising from the concrete jungle are knee high boots pulled over skin tight pants or below flowing skirts; The higher the better for this trend.

Forget a heel and just stick with flats when it comes to boots this season. Try a suede fabric or a worn-in leather boot. These will keep those winter goose bumps at a minimum.

Fall runways and Los Angeles streets have inspired many looks and trends this season, so next time you’re in the market for some new threads try your luck with some of these trends.

Whether it’s a designer leopard coat that tickles your fancy of a hard core pair of leather boots that inspires your wild side – this season has it all and it is putting the feminine back into the feminine mystique.

Katherine Hillier can be reached at khillier@ulv.edu.

Allison Farole can be reached at allison.farole@yahoo.com.

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