Provost committee restarts search

Posted Oct. 13, 2006

After spring semester’s search for a new provost ended unsuccessfully, the University of La Verne has reactivated the process of recruiting new provost candidates.

When 10 possible candidates gave presentations at La Verne during the spring semester one women was offered the position by President Stephen Morgan.

“She was interested and attracted to La Verne, but when it became clear that the job was available to her, she had conversations with her present employer and she was convinced by her present employer to stay,” Phil Hawkey, executive vice president, said.

As of now ULV has hired a recruiter to search out more possible candidates for the provost position.

“Their job is to recruit candidates for provost based on the job requirements,” Hawkey said.

“They go out and talk to people who are talented and convince individuals to apply for the job,” he added.

The new addition to the search committee has been well received by the members said Ruth Trotter, professor of art and search committee representative for the College of Arts and Sciences.

According to Bob Neher, interim provost and vice president of academic affairs, provost candidate applications should arrive in the next month, but as of now the committee has not seen any applications.

Because this is the second time around for the provost recruitment, the provost search committee now has a better understanding of what they are looking for in a candidate.

“Provost is a very important position and it takes a rather unique set of skills,” Neher said.

“We need someone who is a strong visionary, who is charismatic; we haven’t quite gotten the right person,” he added.

The search committee will be meeting later to evaluate the interviewing process.

It is not clear whether the same interviewing procedure will be used in this next round of interviews.

Last semester each of the 10 candidates was invited to the campus where he or she spoke on a topic chosen by the search committee.

Students and faculty were able to attend these presentations and were given forms to fill out.

While it is not clear whether the committee will use this method for the new candidates, the committee will remain dedicated to making sure that the constituents have an opportunity to share their opinions.

One part of the search process will remain the same, Morgan will take the committee’s recommendation into consideration in mind when making the final decision.

As turmoil continues to rock the campus, all await with bated breath the arrival of the new provost.

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