Beauty at what price?

Posted Oct. 13, 2006

Anyone who takes a walk across our beautiful campus here at the beautiful University of La Verne will notice just how beautiful it really is.

In fact it is so beautiful that we at the Campus Times wonder just how much prettier it can get and at what cost?

While walking around we have noticed many new additions over the past few weeks.

 First there were the rows of new flowers being planted to help make the campus that much prettier.

 Then there were the stacks of new bricks just waiting to replace the old bricks, which apparently didn’t match the new bricks in the new lily pad pond.

It just seems like the Campus Center Project is spreading to every superficial surface it can reach like some beautiful virus.

And while we aren’t saying we don’t like our new pretty campus, we don’t want to be just another pretty face with nothing going on between our ears.

Many of us came to ULV because of the programs, the professors and the overall academic substance that our beloved school offers.

The superficial exterior of the University may attract new students when they see what a beautiful and well-maintained campus we have but we can think of many other ways to use that money.

We should not become a marketplace for potential students while there are students here and now who need more than what is being offered.

We at the Campus Times don’t presume to know how each and every dollar of the more than 17.8 million dollars that was raised for the Campus Center Project is being spent.

 But we do know that students and faculty are having some hard times.

Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate a project that many of us won’t be around to enjoy.

Meanwhile, we need more Work-Study students.

This is not just something we want but something we need.

Of course we understand that it is federal Work-Study and the funds come directly from the government and not the University, but we still think the money that is being spent on beautification effort could be more wisely spent.

So many of our facilities are not being used to their potential because there are no student workers around to help out.

Our shiny new cardio room in the newly renovated state-of-the-art Sports Science and Athletics Pavilion is being held hostage.

There aren’t enough student workers to keep it open during normal gym hours.

Like, times when we are not in class. Currently it is open at sporadic times during the week and only two hours per day during the weekend.

So if you have just finished a stressful week of classes and you just want to work off some steam at your University gym – you better get there between the hours of 10 a.m. and noon or you will be out of luck.

But hey, at least you can power-walk around the beautiful campus filled with new flowers and matching bricks.

Is it just us or is the campus starting to look a lot like one of the happiest places on Earth?

Don’t get us wrong; we don’t have anything against Disneyland…we just don’t want to go to school there.

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