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Pups primp for the fashion police
Posted October 14, 2005
Vitoria Drost
Staff Writer

Dogs have become the latest fashion accessory. Along with Paris Hilton and other Hollywood stars, people are carrying their pets everywhere. From Armani dog costumes to designer Gucci bags complete with an attached hook used for latching onto a dog’s collar, must-have pet accessories are being sold in stores and online. These pooches are also being pampered at dog spas throughout California.

Raincoats complete with matching hats covered in hot pink and black polka dots to the latest Harley Davidson leathers are just some of the fashion trends that can be spotted on canines.

Dogs are also being carried around in portable purses with air pockets that allow them to breathe while their owner shops.

Playing dress-up with a pet is just the beginning. Many pet owners love to lavish their pooches with a day at the spa.
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Descended from the sled dogs of Iceland and Lapland, Pomeranians are now fashion accessorries. Junior Leoni Gardner has enjoyed the company of her dog, Pommie, for four years.

At the Heavenly Pet Resort in West Covina, dogs of all breeds go to spend a relaxing day or week at the spa hotel.

When owners want a much deserved vacation from their canines, they can leave their pets for a week at the hotel and know that they will be well taken care of.

Spa owner Gloria Landaverde finds her job to be very soothing.

“I love animals, I don’t see myself doing anything else.”
Landaverde said. “I just look into their faces and it makes my day, it’s very therapeutic it’s relaxing.”

If your pet is going to stay for a week, the professional staff can treat it to a warm bath and grooming. The spa uses all natural products.

The Heavenly Pet Resort has a temperature-controlled environment for all the house facilities. The private suites offer inside sleeping quarters with comfortable, sanitized beds.

Each suite has a doggy door that opens to a patio with a garden view and outdoor misters for a cool down, along with accommodations for older dogs and others that are shy.
It also supplies complimentary snacks to the guests with soothing stereo music that plays in the background. Pets can also watch TV if they miss home.

At the resort, exercise is important, along with human companionship that is provided at no extra charge.

The spa has large outside play yards for exercise, a milk bone shaped swimming pool for the hot summers, along with heat for the cold winter days.

Appointments for pet grooming and days of relaxation can be made by phone.

University of La Verne junior Leoni Gardner brings her Pomeranian to the spa and he is always kept up to date with the latest puppy fashion.

Some of Gardner’s pup’s wardrobe includes a cool trendy shirt that says: “Mischief Maker” and he is also hip for Halloween with his new bat costume.

“My dog Pommie is stylish in his duds,” Gardner said. “I like to dress him up in the latest trends that we can wear too.

“I take him to the spa to be groomed once a month where they do his hair, nails, teeth and spray him with cologne because he deserves a guy’s day out on the town with me,” she added.

Dog lovers shop at PetsMart, Target and PETCO for the latest fashions for their pets at reasonable prices.

“The prices are great and the costumes are trendy and machine washable,” Gardner said.

Pets are not allowed on the ULV campus so some students leave their animals with their parents and visit them whenever they can. But students who live at the Sheraton, such as Gardner, are able to keep their dogs with them seven days a week.

Senior Rick Montanez visits his pets on the weekends at his parent’s house.

“It’s hard to have pets on campus. The dorms are too small and if I had a neighbor who did not take care of their pet, it would make it worse for me,” Montanez said. “ I don’t mind, I don’t think pets should be allowed on campus.”

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