Intramural hoops draws crowds
Posted Oct. 19, 2007

You don’t have to be a basketball player to shoot hoops at the University of La Verne.

On Oct. 9 and 10 students participated in intramural basketball hosted by the Campus Activities Board in the new gym.

Over 120 students showed up throughout the two night event to watch, cheer, play or just have some fun.

Melvin Ward, a senior theatre arts major, came out to support his friends and watch the game.

“I thought (the game) was great,” Ward said. “I’m happy that everyone came together.”

The teams that played the first night were; B-Ballers, Phi Slammer Jammer, A Town Down, Phi Sig, Ballers, Phi, Tha Squad and McLovin.
The four teams who made it onto the next night were teams Phi Sig, B-Ballers, A Town Down and Phi Slammer Jammer.

The teams consisted of students of different majors, ages and athletic abilities.

Anyone who enjoyed playing the game or just wanted to have a good time was welcome to participate.

On Thursday night, Team Phi Sig played against B-Ballers and lost, while

Team A Town Down played against Phi Slammer Jammer.

In the end it was teams B-Ballers and Phi Slammer Jammer going head to head for the win. After a good game, Team B-Ballers took home the title of intramural basketball champions.

Tyrone Marshall, was no stranger to winning intramural basketball.

“We’re champions, we won it in spring last year,” Marshall, a senior marketing major, said.

Just like Marshall, there were others who made it a tradition to participate in the event.

Stephanie Farrell, a senior criminology major, came out with her sorority sisters once again to participate.

“We always make a Phi Sig team. We come out every year,” Farrell said. “This year we joined SAE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), we were a dynamic duo.”

There was never a dull moment on either night.

Players and spectators were full of enthusiasm, perhaps the music blasting throughout the gym kept everyone entertained in between games or maybe it was just the love of the sport.

Ryan Figgs, the Intramural chair for CAB, was proud of the turnout.

“My event went well. Everyone played really well,” Figgs said. “Best one ever since freshman year.”

A lot of hard work went into planning and conducting the two night event.

“It was a successful event because of my committee members: Charde Shields, Evonne Sweeney, Britney Collins, Amanda Gomez, John Smith, Antoinette Borders, Madaiko Miller, Ashley Joseph, Cheri Burks, Sami Cacchione, Darnell Williams, Taryll Sumler, and Victoria Dockett.” Figgs said. “They were dedicated.”

“I also want to thank Barbara Mulligan (Assistant Director of Student Life) and Michelle Ajemian (CAB chair).”

All in all, the event was fun for all and a great escape from studying for those upcoming midterms.

Diana Zarate can be reached at

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Intramural hoops draws crowds

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