Community approves of new phone system

Posted Oct. 20, 2006

The University of La Verne changed its phone system over the summer due to complaints from different staff members. The University had the same system for the last 18 years. The new telephone system was installed during the last week of August right before fall semester started.

Clive Houston-Brown, ULV’s chief information officer, said the new phone system is a positive change.

“The analog system brought lots of problems,” he said. “We have no complaints about the new system.”

As opposed to analog signals, ULV’s new system is digital. Digital signals turn signals, such as voice sounds, into numbers. This way, systems can handle more information.

Beth L. Elmore, senior director of alumni relations and special events, said she thought the change in the phone system was positive overall.

However, Elmore also said she thinks there is still room for more change.

“The only concern I have is that currently during non-regular hours it is difficult to call a person if you know their name but not their extension,” Elmore said.

While many faculty members like the new system, others on campus do not.

Ruth Garcia, an administrative assistant for the registrar’s office, complained about the new phone system.

“I do think that there is still room for improvement,” Garcia said. “We receive phone calls to some of our extensions in the registrar’s office that belong to other employees or faculty on campus. Somehow they get diverted to our extensions.”

Albert Abutin, manager of admissions data systems and operations, said he likes ULV’s new phone system.

“Basically it works fine, it has much more stuff than the old one which also was OK,” Abutin said.

“What I really like from the new system is the [caller] ID, because I like to know who is calling me before I pick it up. The phone I had with the old system did not have that.”

Nguyen Le, programmer analyst from the office of information technology, said she is really happy with the options the new phone system offers.

“Now I can transfer some of the calls much better, [the system] offers so many different options,” Le said. “However, the old system was also good.

Sandra Miller, help desk coordinator, spoke positively about the new phone system, but said its improvements only help if users know how to use it.

“Because it has so many different options, first you have to learn how to control it,” Miller said. “Once you know how, the system is really good.

The new system includes an option for a temporary voicemail, which can be set to play specifically for the necessary days.

“I think that is the best thing the new system has,” Miller said.

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