Event honors Spain

Posted Oct. 20, 2006

Rhiannon Mim

Based on a Spanish theme, Flamenco dancers and a mechanical bull were featured among the Homecoming festivities in the Quad on Oct. 11. Communications major Matt White rode the mechanical bull while his friends Nick Gonzalez and Sarrie Fleming waited to take their turn. The event also included a Spanish lunch featuring dishes such as Spanish tortillas and flan.

Zesty dancers tapping and spinning to the soulful strums of a guitar, students tossed by a mechanical bull, a swinging piñata with a full belly of sweets, and Spanish-themed food filling tables were the sights and sounds of España Day on Oct. 11 in the University of La Verne’s Quad.

As part of the Homecoming Week festivities, this event that was put on by the Campus Activities Board and sponsored by the Associated Students of ULV followed the week’s international theme.

España Day featured Flamenco dancers, a mechanical bull, piñatas and a Spanish-themed lunch.

“This event is different, we haven’t had anything like this with entertainment, attractions and food,” said Michelle Ajemian, a junior communications major and CAB co-chair of major events. “It’s a fun way to celebrate and get people excited for Homecoming.”

“And it’s also educating people on a different culture and goes with the international theme of Homecoming,” Ajemian added.

Students also had the chance to vote for Homecoming Court and gain a free T-shirt.

By far, the students praised the cuisine of España Day enjoying a change of pace from Davenport.

“It’s better than the cafeteria and it’s outside,” said Jesur Habek, a freshman biology major.

“You have the dancers and people riding the bull and the food with the spices – combining the entertainment factor and food is always a good thing.”

Exotic items on the menu included Spanish grilled chicken breast, Paella Valencíana, Spanish tortillas, potatoes with Paprika sauce and Gazpacho.

“The food is always the best part; I like it, it’s entertaining,” said Lili Gradilla, a freshman liberal studies major.

The event was well attended with every table packed and noisy with conversations.

“It’s cool,” said Sarah Keagy, a freshman undecided major. “Me gusta mucho.”

The meal was even sweeter for commuters, who got to eat at no expense.

“This event reaches out to commuters,” said Francine Gobert, a junior communications major and CAB co-chair for major events. “We had a lot of people out.”

The event was also graced with the Homecoming Court participating in the activities.

The court competed in one of their many Homecoming activities titled, “Kiss the Court.”

With a plain T-shirt on and community lipstick in hand, each member ran frantically around the Quad aiming to have the most kisses imprinted on his or her shirt.

Jesse Rodriguez and Gabby De La Cruz emerged as the activity’s winners with 30 kisses each.

“This is a pretty cool event,” said Kevin Schatz, a senior radio broadcast major and Homecoming Court nominee who was later elected king. “With the bull and the flavored music, it’s exciting for Homecoming.”

Working on this event since July, Ajemian and Gobert said the theme of the event was inspired by Ajemian’s recent trip to Europe over the summer where she traveled to many countries including Spain.

“I went to Spain this summer and saw Flamenco dancers and the running of the bulls and thought this would make a fun theme,” Ajemian said. “And with all that in mind, we refined the idea together.”

Nicole Knight can be reached at nknight@ulv.edu.

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