Playful indoor soccer gets rough

Posted Oct. 20, 2006

Rhiannon Mim

Eight teams played intramural single elimination soccer to a full house in the Old Gym on Oct. 12. Junior Lauren Dillon played for team Phi Delts who faced team No Explode in the second round, and later lost their game against team Hugs and Kisses.

Frustration, pain, sweat, aggression and strategy are all words that come to mind when competitive sports are mentioned. But are those the words that spring to mind when intramural indoor soccer rolls off the tongue? If they aren’t, then they should be.

On Oct. 12 the Campus Activities Board hosted an indoor soccer tournament in conjunction with all the Homecoming Week activities. With more than 100 students in attendance and even a few faculty all stuffed in the Old Gym, some of the games got pretty ugly.

Reigning champs, team Hugs and Kisses won the tournament beating out the Phi Delta Theta team and then team F-bombers in the final game.

Being that it was a one night tournament with single elimination each and every team gave it their all. There was not a quiet moment in the crowd. Spectators cheered and yelled as players stampeded back and forth across the floor.

Freshman Jaime Beltran from the F-bombers team was entertainment for the crowd as he dove back and forth across the wood floor. He was probably on the ground more than he was on his feet. With an astonishing 17 face plants throughout the night it was a miracle he did not severely injure himself.

“I didn’t really hurt myself,” Beltran said. “I sort of hurt myself when I was doing a sweet move. I went woop and then fell.”

Several other players took a few spills as well when the teams got physical. Some of the male players seemed to forget that they were much bigger than the female players. The female players held their own after being pushed around in the first couple games. After awhile they were pushing right back and they were a force to be reckoned with.

Two of the female players got a little too physical in the fourth game of the long night. Lauren Dillon from the Phi Delt team and Danielle Hampton from team Hugs and Kisses got into a competitive pushing match, which no one could tell who really started it.

“Soccer is an aggressive sport sometimes it just happens,” Dillon said. “I don’t just push people first, but I made sure to apologize.”

The battle between the ladies seemed to be the push that team Hugs and Kisses needed to beat the Phi Delts.

In the last two minutes of the originally non-scoring game team Hugs and Kisses scored three goals.

The final game between the F-bombers and Hugs and Kisses started to look like a blow out with Hugs and Kisses scoring the first three goals.

But then in the second half of the game the F-bombers looked like they were going to make a come back. They scored one goal and their goalie made four saves with nothing other than his head. Unfortunately for the F-bombers they ran out of time in the 20-minute game and they suffered their defeat.

“Go team Hugs and Kisses,” junior Lindsey Salt said. “We won last year and now this year. It’s awesome.”

The first team to be eliminated from the competition was CAB team when they were embarrassed by the Homecoming Court team, who won 4-0. The next game was a close one but the Phi Delts pulled out a 1-0 victory over team No Explode.

Next team D-Islands was eliminated by team F-bombers. The game that followed was the heated match between the Phi Delts and Hugs and Kisses.

F-bombers then faced off with the Homecoming Court and slaughtered them, 7-1. Jesse Rodriguez, ULV soccer player, played on the Homecoming team and tried to carry his team but it just wasn’t enough.

“I knew everyone tried their best, so it doesn’t matter that we lost,” Rodriguez said.

The final game was between the F-bombers and Hugs and Kisses.

The night was eventful and exciting and what topped it all off was that each player was a good sport. The evening set the tone for a great Homecoming Weekend.

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Playful indoor soccer gets rough

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