Happy Crowd educates
through song
Posted October 21, 2005
Kelly Rivas
Warming up the Kids Music Club audience on Saturday, The Happy Crowd sang “Stretcheroo." Martie Echito, The Professor, played the keyboard, while encouraging kids and parents to get up and stretch as Ken McSpaddin accompanied on the guitar. The Happy Crowd performed an interactive concert for parents and children with musical numbers providing positive themes during the first edition of the Kids Music Club concert series to take place this semester.

Music entertained approximately 80 children and parents during the interactive concert from the group The Happy Crowd, as part of the Kids Music Club concert series last weekend in Founders Auditorium.

The audience was greeted the group’s three members.

Two members, Hai and Kenny, were dressed in matching striped yellow shirts, while the third member, Professor Smartie Martie, was in a blue graduation cap and gown.

The group sang songs that contain positive messages including “Say Something Nice About Someone.”

They used humor, audience interaction and props, such as hats and musical instruments, to create a fun and cheerful environment.

“We are not trying to be preachy or to send messages,” said Hai. “We try to say nice things in our songs. The show is about fun, that’s the bottom line. If the audience learns something, that’s even better.”

The concert began with an interactive song called “Stretcheroo,” encouraging the children to warm up to stretches and focus their attention on the quick dialogue the group had with each other during their act.

In between the dialogue of Hai and Kenny, Hai mentioned it was a quiet audience during an interactive song. Despite this random silence, the group was well received by the excited audience.

Throughout the hour-long concert, the children danced, laughed and sang along to the quirky lyrics and gave their full attention to the stage.

Near the end of the event, a raffle was held to give away their current compact disc, and the children participated in a dance contest.

The winner’s name was Alexis and she walked away with a CD as well.

The group tried to write for the parents also. Instead of mundane childish lyrics, the music is upbeat and utilizes humor the parents will understand to keep their attention, Hai said.

The response of the parents about the concert was positive.

“Today was one of the best Kids Club Concert that I’ve been to,” said Jeanne Flora, a participating parent and associate professor of speech communication. “I’ve known about them since five years ago when my nephew listened to them.”

The reaction was the same for some of the other parents. One mother agreed that she enjoyed the concert.

“It was really good,” parent Lisa Miranda said. “It was fun to see the kids participating.”

Some parents, who have never heard of The Happy Crowd before this concert, still agreed with the returning parents.

“I’ve never heard of them before this,” audience member Julie Rodriguez said. “Their concert was great. I would definitely take them back to see this group.”

Jaclyn Gonzales can be reached at jgonzales4@ulv.edu.

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