Cosmic bowling boosts safety, fun levels
Posted October 21, 2005

This semester’s first cosmic bowling event took place Oct. 12 as one of the events for Homecoming. There were some changes to the event this year, including a change to the drinking policy.

“The biggest change is that we are no longer limiting alcohol,” Special Events Chair for Campus Activities Board April Starkey said.

Drinking was still limited to students 21 and over, but those students were allowed to drink as much as they want.

Of course, this change brought about another one. CAB also provided a designated driving program for attendees who chose to drink.

“We are trying to get away from drunk driving,” CAB Marketing Chair Michelle Baccus said. “Our goal is to make sure no one gets in any car

Aside from temporarily putting off drunk driving with this program, CAB also wants to promote a certain lifestyle.

“We are trying to establish a sense of responsible drinking,” Starkey said.
Students appeared to be in favor of these changes, especially to inclusion of the designated driver program.

“They are trying to actually promote designated driving,” junior creative writing major Eric Iberri said. “With the amount of people drinking, I think it is a pretty good thing to do.”

Surprisingly, not too many people took advantage of the designated driving program.

“We had a few people signed up, but we didn’t quite have the need for the program that we had anticipated,” Starkey said.
Apparently, people had already set up their own designated drivers prior to the event.

“Everyone went home with a designated driver,” Starkey said.

Even though the assigned designated drivers were not used as much as anticipated, it was still nice that they were there. They did, after all, volunteer on their own free will.

“I know my limits, so it’s not that big of a deal for me to give up a drink,” said Mercy-Faith Kimbwala, senior business marketing major and designated driver. “I thought I would be the responsible one.”

The designated driving program was not the only change to cosmic bowling this semester. The event is now held at Chaparral Lanes in San Dimas instead at Brunswick’s Upland Bowl. This change was mainly a result of the designated driving program.

“Chaparral Lanes is right down the street,” Starkey said. “It is a much closer venue.”

Chaparral Lanes’ close location would have made it easier for drunk students to be driven home.

Another change was that pitchers were no longer allowed. By limiting the alcohol bottles, it is much more difficult for drinkers to share with underage revelers.

According to Starkey, around 500 people attended the event, with around 60 to 75 people that were not current ULV students.

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