Campus Times
October 22
, 2004

photo by German Jimenez

Maggie Mantecon, administrative assistant in OIT, looked into the empty auditorium where the Quincy Krosby “Bringing Wall Street to Main Street” presentation was planned. Due to lack of attendance, Krosby decided to cancel. A few people began to show up after the lecture was scheduled to begin, many from off campus, only to learn of the cancellation on their arrival. The lecture was scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 13, in Founders Auditorium.

Top Stories

Rain soaks region, wreaks havoc

Southern California's first winter storm brings a deluge to La Verne.

Prop. 71 would boost stem cell research

The ballot measure prompts the debate of medical ethics.



Trustee resigns in protest

Jerry Laird leaves the Board of Trustees to express his opposition to the faculty's vote to deny commencement speaker Rep. David Dreier an honorary degree.

Couple retires from LV with style

Longtime employees Barbara and Bill Blackmur retire together.

Gay unions discussed

Noted scholar E.J. Graff discusses her new book on the future of gay marriage.

Professors showcase hard work

The Faculty Research and Professional Activity Day event offers a glimpse into faculty member's extra-curricular activities.

Flu shots scarce

A shortage of the vaccine causes the ULV community to look elsewhere for immunization.