An economy open to change
Posted Oct. 24, 2008

Goodbye frosted animal cookies. Goodbye day after Thanksgiving sales at Mervyns. And goodbye Sharper Image. Hello Internet shopping and hello mid-sized businesses.

Sadly, Mother’s Cookies closed its doors earlier this month, and they were not alone. Mervyns department store announced that it will be shutting doors in a matter of months and is promising sales with deeply discounted prices.

What does all of this mean for us? With all of the closures having such a significant impact, it means more people out of work. It means fewer choices. It means that this is just one more thing to hit us because of the state of the economy. But perhaps in the long run it means more variety.

With the big dogs out of the way, smaller, more midsized business might have more of a chance. And that means more choices.

All of this may seem scary, but do not be too glum yet.

Sales are good for the holidays, and, though you may be sad that one of your favorite stores are closing for good, you may be able to pick up that jacket you have had your eye on at a seriously low price.

Thousands will be laid off from Mervyns and many more are going to lose their jobs because of the closing of other businesses. And none of this is good.

This is just a sign of the times.

With our fast-paced society and Internet-driven world of e-commerce, it was just a matter of time before the old-timers were pushed out of the way for the new kids on the block.

Businesses like eBay and even stores that have some physical locations are offering more online.

In the end, there may be some more benefits.

Because of the lower incomes and the loss of jobs, customers are going to demand quality goods at lower cost, and stores will have to comply.

This means more reasonable prices for shoppers. And we all want lower prices. With the state of the economy and the high price of things like fuel and even staple grocery items, most are feeling the struggle.

In the near future, however, the struggle to find new places to shop may be an inconvenience for many shoppers. Even Linens ‘n Things and Shoe Pavilion are shutting their doors for good. We are all going to have to be more creative when it comes to shopping.

Overall, the situation is sad. Many of us grew up with the pink and white frosted animal-shaped cookies and remember the famous “Open, open open” commercials for Mervyns stores.

We are sorry to see all of these things go, but we must must look forward and accept the future.

Who knows? Maybe it will not be so bad.


An economy open to change

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