Campus Times
October 25, 2002

photos by Christian Velazco

Orange and green ribbons were hung throughout the campus as symbols of the community's care and concern. Rollie Dykstra's locker is located in the old gymnasium locker room.

Top Stories

Dykstra remains in critical condition

The ULV community offers prayers for the fallen quarterback as rumors abound about an earlier head injury.



Homecoming ends with crowning

A somber Homecoming weekend wraps up with the annual coronation of King and Queen.

Homecoming Queen harassed over weekend

ShamMira DeJurnett is the target of racial slurs after her Homecoming win.

Claremont residents, MUN protest pending war

Model United Nations members join in local anti-war protests.

Financial aid offers more to Psy.D.

Options for increased aid are explored for doctoral students.

Computer stolen from the Mainiero Building

Another break-in in the Biology Department results in the loss of a computer and keyboard.

Program hosts potential students

The Admissions Office looks for new ways to connect with prospective students.

Withdrawal failing grade option put into effect

The new policy fulfills federal guidelines.

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