Choir performs tunes of the ’50s
Posted Oct. 26, 2007
Christina Carter
Accompanied by Reed Gratz, soloist Donna Ibale performed the song “I’m Not Afraid of Anything” on Oct. 20 in the Chapel during the Chorale Cabaret. The University Chorale and Chamber Singers gave two performances in which the students sang a variety of songs as well as collection of solos and duets all conducted by Stephen Gothold.

Maria J. Velasco
Staff Writer

A group of about 40 people gathered Saturday night in the Chapel to listen to Choral Cabaret, a recital of various songs performed by the University of La Verne Chamber Singers and University Chorale.

In the one-hour show, the members of the choir performed an assortment of choral and solo songs to showcase their talent.

“It was wonderful, delightful,” Kathleen Lamkin, professor of music, said.

The Choral Cabaret started the night off with the University Chorale singing “Come Said The Muse,” “Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel)” and “Grandma’s Feather Bed.”

“Grandma’s Feather Bed” was the most moving and entertaining of the three.

Then the chorale was followed by a group of soloists beginning with sophomore English major Sierra Lingan, who sang “You've Got a Friend.”

“It was a better turnout than I thought,” Lingan said.

Matt White, Rachel Ortiz, Caitlin McCarthy and Adria Barbosa-Torregrosa followed Lingan’s performance.

McCarthy was the only soloist that did not sing.

She entertained the audience with an Irish traditional dance.

Barbosa-Torregrosa was the only soloist who sang and played the piano, during his performance of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

White sang “What a Wonderful World” and Ortiz sang “Sway.”

The soloists were able to choose their own songs for the night’s performance.

Next, the Chamber Singers sang an assortment of songs from the 1950s, including “Earth Angel” and “Graduation Day.”

The soloists for the act of five songs included Jonathan Smith performing “In the Still of the Night” and Barbosa-Torregrosa performed “Sh-Boom.”

The next act included soloists Donna Ibale singing “I’m Not Afraid of Anything,” and Smith singing “Ten Minutes Ago.”

The last song of this act was “Mbube,” sung by Taylor Duling, Diana Lopez, Jessica Root, White, Ortiz and Barbosa-Torregrosa.

The Choral Cabaret ended on a high note with the University Chorale singing songs from the musical “Chicago.”

The final song of the night was “All that Jazz.”

“Everything went smoothly,” Duling said.

“They are good songs and I like them,” conductor Stephen Gothold said of the performance.

“(They are) songs I thought we’d do well with” Gothold said.

“I really liked the program, the way (Gothold) organized it,” said accompanist Eun Young Sohng. “It was casual-contemporary.”

Besides Young Sohng, other accompanists were Reed Gratz, Barbosa-Torregrosa and Lonn Hayes.

“(They) showed a lot of talent, young talent,” Lamkin said. “It was fun for everyone.”
Gothold said he thought the performance went well, and that the choir had worked hard to put on this show.

After the show there was food outside the chapel as well as a basket for donations to help raise money for the choir’s tour to Hawaii in January.

Though the choir, which consists of 28 members, was running about five people short, the performance was strong.

They managed to stay focused the whole time even though, throughout the performance, sirens could be heard right outside the Chapel passing by, during the songs “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “I’m Not Afraid of Anything” and the medley of songs included in “Lost in the 50’s” performed by the Chamber Singers.

“Congratulations to all of them,” Lamkin said.

Maria J. Velasco can be reached at

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