Drag queens camp it up for Pride Week

Posted Oct. 26, 2007
Leah Heagy
Founders Auditorium was packed Oct. 23, as students gathered to watch the performance of 4 Drag Queens, including well-know singer/actor Jackie Beat; Also known as Kent Fuher. Beat is the lead singer of Dirty Sanchez and has appeared in numerous films and TV shows.

Danielle Lampkin
Jonathan Smith
Staff Writers

Wearing rather high stilettos and more make up than most women, several drag queens graced the stage of Founders Auditorium to be a part of “Confessions of a Drag Queen” on Tuesday.

While many felt the show was entertaining and funny, the main purpose of the show was to educate people about the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and questioning community.

The event was just one of five that was featured for Housing’s Pride Week.

“I heard nothing but positive remarks from people, even though we started late due to technical difficulties,” resident assistant Adam Carranza said. “I thought it would be a low turnout because it was a gay event and (audience members) were still out there.”

“I thought it was a great event,” junior arts and music major Alan Hernandez said. “It was something that needed to be heard.”

About 220 people attended the event, which was sponsored by Housing and Residential Life and Campus Activities Board.

The event lasted a little more than an hour, featuring several acts that perform professionally as drag queens across the region.

Jackie Beat served as master of ceremonies and provided the audiences with a huge array of topics that sent them into a laughing frenzy.

Most of Beat’s laughs came from song parody that featured explicit and risqué topics, ranging from gay men to Catholic priests.

“My favorite part (of Jackie Beat’s performance) was the rap song at the end,” Jacob Delgado, a senior movement and sports science major, said
“The way she mock but at the same time inform was useful,” Hernandez said.

The three featured drag queens participants, Jayla, Susie Q and Serenity that performed at the event lip singing to songs like “Let’s Get Loud” and “Diamond Are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

At the end of the program, the audience had a chance to participate in the audience as Carranza awarded Knott’s Berry Farm tickets to the person the audience felt dressed the best in drag.

Four contestants went on stage and a winner was crowned.

Carranza received the idea during the summer while training for housing.

Carranza felt that this was a topic that was not touched upon on the ULV campus and though it was important to inform and educate students about the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and questioning communities.

“I thought the topic would be touchy and taboo, not sure how well it would be taken,” Carranza said.

Other students were not surprised at the turnout.

“There was nothing that really caught me off guard,” Delgado said.

“I was impressed with the amount of people that came and the diversity,” Hernandez said.

After the show concluded, the performers participated in a question and answer segment. Questions were taken from the audience members before the show and answered on stage by the performers. Also, several audience members got to ask the questions directly to the drag queens on stage.

Because of the significance of the event, Beat made the effort to travel all the way from a convention in New York the day before, just to preform Carranza explained.

While the show may be controversial, the audience members did not seem to care.

“I loved it, it was a lot of fun,” Delgado said. “I laughed.”

The event was a huge success an a great way to get the University involved in Pride Week.

Danielle Lampkin can be reached at dlampkin@ulv.edu.
Jonathan Smith can be reached at jsmith11@ulv.edu.

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