Halloween spells sexy

Posted Oct. 27, 2006

In recent years Halloween has taken a turn for the worse and is now largely centered on tricks rather than treats. Once rooted in horrifically creepy fantasies of the haunted variety, the holiday is meant to evoke images of witches, warlocks, goblin and ghosts rather than stilettos, fishnets and cheap imitations of women seemingly ripped from the pages of Playboy. We at the Campus Times are wondering when Halloween became more about sex than candy.

Spend some time at a local Halloween store and our point will immediately become clear. The women’s section is chock full of costumes that scream sex rather than fear or make-believe success with such demeaning titles as “Cherry Pie,” “Major Flirt,” “Miss Misbehaved” and “The Homewrecker,” all of which consisted of very little actual “costume.” The fact of the matter is that women have little choice but to commemorate the holiday in trampish attire, as stores offer very few selections that would allow them to dress otherwise.

Some would rather enjoy themselves than yank at their clothing all night, making sure wardrobe malfunctions are few and far between. Yet scantily clad women continue to spend this day of make-believe walking the streets or dancing the floors of many a costume party, shakin’ what their mamas gave them and revealing more than many of us at the Campus Times would ever want or wish to see.

Gone are the innocent days of Halloween when costumes were meant to scare, not to entice. What’s scary about a hot nurse, that, God forbid, she’ll sponge-bathe someone to death? True, Oct. 31 is the one day a year when a person can get away with pretending to be something he or she is not, but the last time we checked Halloween was about “dressing up,” not down. So why are store shelves stocked with costumes that objectify women rather than celebrate them? Even teen costumes go too far these days, as most are midriff-bearing and sex-oriented. Some believe Halloween costumes are a measure of true personality, revealing a person’s best kept secrets or innermost self, which is not code for “body parts.” We at the Campus Times appreciate a good dose of sexiness just as much as everyone else, but it is an entirely different matter to prance the streets in little more than a bra, panties and fishnets paired with a set of wings, claiming to be an “angel.”

This season, women should cover up, setting a good example for young girls and keeping their dignity intact. After all, it is not too late to bring back the pumpkin carving, apple-bobbing, scary story-telling and monster-mashing good times of Halloween.

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Halloween spells sexy

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