$3 million grant to help transfers
Posted October 28, 2005

The University of La Verne was awarded a $3 million Title V grant in collaboration with Citrus College. ULV will receive $1 million over the next five years.

The grant will be used to strengthen the University’s partnership with Citrus College and will help with the development of a center for transfer here.

“This will be a center that will encapsulate all the things students need in order to transfer to this institution,” said Yvette Underdue Murph, director of articulation and institutional image and co-author of the grant.

The grant required two institutions to form a partnership, and both schools must have at least 25 percent Hispanic enrollment and at least half must come from low income backgrounds.

Planning began late in Nov. 2004 when President Stephen Morgan asked Underdue Murph and Maria Grandone-Llorete, executive director of the mosaic cultural institute, to take charge of the project.

In order to submit the application for eligibility Grandone-Llorete and Underdue Murph sought the resources of various departments at ULV, including the office of the registrar, student accounts, office of financial aid, and the accounting department.

Grandone-Llorete and Underdue Murph wrote the grant with the help of Melanie Tang, a professional consultant.

“She gave us the tools to understand the process,” Underdue Murph said.

Grandone-Llorete and Underdue Murph co-authored the grant and put together what the center for transfer is going to look like and how it will help students.

“There were some needs that weren’t being met to help serve students better,” Underdue Murph said. “This grant would give us the opportunity to meet these needs.”

The grant will help students from Citrus College transfer smoothly to ULV.

“We want to create access in pipelines so students can come and get an education,” Grandone-Llorete said. “We are trying to make a seamless kind of experience for the student.”

The program is now focused just in the education department. The hope is that more students that attend Citrus College will be encouraged to transfer to ULV and, most importantly, for many those students to pursue a career in teaching.

“We really want to make sure students know they don’t only have the opportunity to go to Citrus but they can also come to ULV,” Grandone-Llorete said.

The main goal of the center of transfer is to provide opportunity for students.

“This grant is huge for ULV,” said Anthony Hernandez, assessment and evaluation director of the Mosaic Cultural Institute.

“The passion for me is that I’ve been in higher education for over a decade and I’m commited to student success,” Underdue Murph said “This passion is personal as well as a professional commitment.”

Laura Bucio can be reached at lbucio@ulv.edu.

$3 million grant to help transfers

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