Campus Times
October 31, 2003

photo by Adam Omernik

Mike Stockham, a resident of Claraboya, takes a break from sweeping the ash from his driveway Monday to survey the damage just behind his house. The hillside in the background was completely torched by the fire while several houses up the hill were also damaged.

Top Stories

Fire leaves local destruction

A ULV trustee is among the thousands of residents who have lost their homes.

Leos play despite bad air

Air quality warnings are not enough to keep several ULV athletic teams off the field.

Disaster Relief



Workshops woo future students

CBS 2 anchor Linda Alvarez is the keynote speaker at the annual Communications Day.

ULV turns out for Nobel Prize winner Marcus

The renowned chemist still thirsts for the truth.

New logo sets tone for ULV

Five years in the making, the new design is unveiled at a town meeting.