Sarah Palin leads as costume choice
Posted Oct. 31, 2008
Christina Worley
While shopping on Tuesday in the busy Party City, in San Dimas, which sells party supplies, balloons and costumes, Sophomore Madison Burga considers a devil costume for Halloween. One of the most popular Halloween masks this year is the mask of republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Party City sold all of its Palin masks early this season.

Since Halloween and the presidential election are so close on the calendar, political costumes for 2008 are becoming the topic of discussion for Halloween.

“I can see the political humor in it all,” Kevin Millis, sophomore liberal arts major, said.

Since the presidential election is right around the corner, all kinds of Sarah Palin versions are in high demand.

Online holiday retailers, including, are selling Palin accessories such as toy guns, rimless eyeglasses, plastic babies and brown-haired updo wigs, to complete the look.

The Palin mask has been one of the top sellers this year. And if you want to be John McCain or Barack Obama, you can find them in stores.

According to the National Retail Federation, the most popular items will be the usual Halloween costumes that represent Halloween, which are witches, pirates, vampires, cats, fairies, nurses, super heroes and, most of all, U.S. political figures.

“I went to a party last week, and everyone was wearing the Joker costume,” James Thorne, junior business major, said.

Many Halloween costumes are based on popular movie characters featured during the current year.

Batman and Robin also are said to be one of the most sought after costumes for 2008.

The Joker outfit from the “Dark Knight” Batman movie will be a huge hit.

For some people, especially among those at the University of La Verne, creativity and the spending of a little less money on their costumes seems to be the focus.

“I am going to be the storybook character Thomas the Train,” Brian Mencia, ULV junior, said. “I am just going to go to the Goodwill for my costume.”

According to, the National Retail Federation’s 2008 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions survey conducted by Bioresearch, said total Halloween spending for 2008 is estimated to reach $5.77 billion.

An estimated 51.8 million adults plan to sport some sort of costume for the big night.

“I just don’t see the point in spending so much on a costume,” Mellis said.

A normal costume such as a pirate with a vest, a skirt and gloves costs about $85 at the Aah’s costume and party store, and that doesn’t even include the $50 pirate hat.

However, Party City in San Dimas has some great deals from $9.99 and up; however, on Thursday, at Party City in San Dimas, customers were already out of luck on finding their costume of choice, since the more popular costumes were out of stock. Party City customers were left to make quick decisions the day before Holloween on finding their last minute costumes.

Even though, many costumes were sold out, political masks, hair pieces and pirate accessories were still available for last minute costume buyers.

Large lines of people were already starting to form outside stores holding costumes on Thursday night, and store representatives said they look forward to more customers arriving early Friday morning to purchase last minute items.

Costumes can run up to millions of dollars. According to, the most expensive Halloween costume in the world is a legitimate American astronaut costume that cost $9 million; the helmet alone will run you $3,000,000.

“I am making my own costume,” Giovanni Nabors, junior liberal studies major, said. “I like to be creative, and I am going to be a big purple balloon. Since I was kid, I have enjoyed designing things. I am not sure how it will turn out, but I hope it will work out,” Nabors said.

Nabors was serious about his endeavor to create his own Halloween costume and hopes he will stay on the ground on Halloween night and will not fly away.

More costumes for women have become a lot racier this year, revealing more skin and projecting sexier images.

James Thorn, junior business major, agreed that the sexier costumes outplay what Halloween is all about but did not have a problem with it.

Many of the costume stores such as Party City, now have sections such as children, men’s, adult and sexy adult costumes.

“I like it. I am a guy,” Thorn said. “I am inspired by the sexy nurse outfit.” Nabors is actually cross dressing in a sexy costume this year to show his Halloween passion for sexy outfits.

“I could not decide between the sexy secretary or nurse, but I really thought the nurse really showed off my legs better,” Thorn said.

Most people, when looking for an idea of what to wear, have two options.

One can either shop around at a store or search online for a variety of Halloween costumes—or you can make it on your own.

Jennifer Kitzmann can be reached at

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Sarah Palin leads as costume choice

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