Campus Times
November 1, 2002


Top Stories

Peace rally confronts world issues

The gathering in the Quad espouses reasons to keep the United States out of war with Iraq.

Campus opinions vary on new 'block schedule'

This year's alterations in class scheduling earns mixed reviews from students and faculty.



KTLA's Anderson shares experiences

Gayle Anderson, KTLA Morning News reporter, addresses prospective students at Communications Day.

Thousands join peace protest in San Francisco

Local students travel north to take part in the anti-war demonstrations.

Teachers evaluated online

The student feedback surveys are moved online with the hopes of expediting the process.

Catholic church crisis addressed in speech

Richard Gelm discusses the plight of the Catholic Church.

ULV alumna returns as coordinator

Julie Wheeler takes the position of church relations coordinator.

Banner system adopts financial aid changes

Student financial aid information is added to the features available on the Banner Web system.

Unstable market proves costly

Investors need to exercise caution when investing in today's stock market.