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November 2, 2001

photo by Tom Galaraga

Halloween evening saw a wide variety of characters going bump in the night. Hannah Neill, 4, costumed herself in a suit fit for a Pooh Bear. Neill spent Halloween evening at the home of her grandparents, Bill (pictured) and Charlotte Neill. Every year the Neill residence offers their home as a safe and fun place to spend the spooky holiday. The Neill's live on Third Street in Downtown La Verne.

Making Halloween a safe haven for fun

Parents and children alike come out for the city of La Verne's annual Halloween festivities.

Movie Review: 'High Heels' a predictable chick flick

The new Minnie Driver/Mary McCormack film proves to be no "Thelma and Louise."

'Cloud 9' slated to open Friday

The latest production from the Theatre Arts Department explores gender identity.

PianoFest continues

The concert series presents a chamber quintet.

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