ULV alumnus to lead men’s hoops

Posted Nov. 2, 2007
Christina Carter
La Verne’s new men’s basketball coach Richard Reed is focused on having a successful season and creating a consistent team. Reed returns to ULV with experience as an assistant coach at Northern Colorado for one season, three years at Loyola Marymount and two seasons at Cal Poly Pomona. Reed began his career as a graduate coach for La Verne’s women’s basketball team and as a point guard for the men’s basketball team from 1997 to 1999.

Jordan Litke
Staff Writer

Coming from an assistant coaching job at Sacramento State, Richard Reed, a La Verne alumnus, is proving to be a great addition to the La Verne men’s basketball team.

As a ULV student, Reed studied history and played for the men’s basketball team from 1997-1999 as a point guard.

Basketball is the only organized sport he has played and continues to play.

Coming from a generation of coaches it is no wonder that Reed himself took to the call of duty.

He said deep down he has always known he was going to be a coach.

“I made the decision to be a head coach when I was 12,” Reed said.

As an ULV alumnus, the experience of coming back to his alma mater has been surreal, Reed said. La Verne has been such an influential city and a big part of his life.

“It’s an awesome opportunity to come back to your alma mater,” Reed said.

He has made some goals for the team this year, but recognizes that the team can only be as good as it wants to be.

With that in mind, he is pushing harder in practice to perfect natural skills instead of trying to just emulate other teams.

The team has more speed than height, so Reed has the players running more, working harder and always shooting for the win.

“We depend on our basketball smarts,” said senior movement and sports science major, Brendan Hallinan.

Hallinan will be playing his fourth year for ULV when the season begins this month and can already see progress in his teammates from last year.

Last year the team focused more on running drills and plays but this year has become more of a “run-and-gun” team Hallinan said.

They now simulate game situations in practice in order to better react during games.

After a loss of only six points in their last scrimmage, the men are more capable of seeing the flaws that need work in order to have a successful and satisfying season.

They plan to win by playing their game and keeping up the tempo.

“The energy is a lot better on the team,” said senior business administration major Robert Hughes.

He believes through experience that relationships will change on the court throughout the season, but the men always pick each other up and work as a unit.

Reed has expressed a desire to have the team excel to compete in the NCAA Division III tournament, win a conference title and, most importantly, graduate.

He encourages teammates to help each other and to be successful individuals.

The season begins for the men’s basketball team on Nov. 11 and the Leopards will play their first Southern California Intercolleg­iate Athletic Confer­ence game on Jan. 12.

Energy and expectations for the season are high among the hard-working team.

“I want to see La Verne be the premier institution in the SCIAC,” Reed said.

Jordan Litke can be reached at jlitke@ulv.edu.

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