Student vocals resound
Posted Nov. 3, 2006

As part of three fall recitals, nine University of La Verne students presented their vocal talents to a small crowd in Founders Auditorium on Oct. 26.

Ranging from soprano to baritone, these students displayed a variety of musical talent.

Each student sang pieces from classical musicians such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Guiseppe Torelli and George Gershwin.

The sounds were pleasant and made the day seem even brighter.

The recital was based on the piano and vocals.

The atmosphere was soothing and allowed onlookers to enjoy the performances in a natural state.

“It was nice, a little break between classes – it would be nice to see some guitar players next time,” said Sierra Lingan, a freshman English major.

At first the performers stood at a stand still with a slight look of fear.

However, once they got into the songs, they seemed more confident.

The pieces performed are usually picked by the professor and the student together.

“The teacher has a notion of what would be good for a student and some pick their own,” said Stephen Gothold, professor of music.

“Singers are expected to sing in other languages as part of their study.” Gothold added. “You have to sing in Italian, German and French.”

Not all of the students who performed major in music.

Each student is involved in private lessons and is required to participate in at least two recitals each semester to build practice.

Simple comfort was obviously the theme for the recital.

Each performer wore casual business attire.

Emotion was hard to find during the first few performances.

Jennifer Cantero, a soprano, gave a successful performance.

She had a strong voice along with an attitude that matched the song.

When emotion was shown, the meaning of the song was made clear.

Lingan said one of her favorite performers was Jaime Pulido, a baritone who sang “Non Piu Andrai” by Mozart.

“I was in and out but they all sounded good to me,” said Steve Biondo, music department coordinator.

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