ACB survives hit-and-run

Posted Nov. 3, 2006

The Art and Communications Building sustained minor damage when a car crashed into the building’s west side running over a planter, jumping the curb and knocking down a vertical drain and gas meter early Wednesday morning.

The La Verne Police Department and the University of La Verne’s Campus Safety and Trasportation department responded to a call reporting a loud bang at approximately 6:00 a.m., said Michael Nunez, director of Campus Safety.

The vehicle left the scene before authorities arrived.

“No one has came forward, not even a witness,” Nunez said.  “It is going to make the investigation difficult” 

The LVPD and Campus Safety have no leads or description of the vehicle. 

“I would hope that security would have him,” said Robert Bebee assistant director of facilities management. “I would like to charge him for his negligence.”

Facilities management contacted Roto-Rooter to check the plumbing and the gas company to repair the gas meter.

The faint smell of gas wafted through the ACB most of the morning as fans attempted to blow the toxic air out.

“There is no threat whatsoever to anyone inside,” Nunez said.  “If something major were to happen we would send out a notice to the campus.”

On Wednesday morning, the repair workers found no significant damage to the gas pipes or building.  The gas was turned off for the majority of the day and restored Thursday.

Ro Carrasco, energy technician with the Southern California Gas Co., said the minor leak will be fixed and the pipes that sustained the damage will be rebuilt.

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Online Extra:
ACB survives hit-and-run

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