Ledbetter takes MSLM chair

Posted Nov. 3, 2006

Bernice Ledbetter has held the position of chairwoman of the University’s master of science in leadership management program since August, replacing Carol Sawyer, professor of organizational leadership who held the position for more than 11 years.

The goal of the masters’ of leadership and management program is to make efficient leaders in different areas of study.

“I look for people … from different cultures with an emphasis on building up the program,” Ledbetter said. “I try to make the staff feel connected to the program.”

Ledbetter holds a doctorate in organizational leadership from Pepperdine University, a minor division degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and a bachelor of arts from Cal State Fresno.

“I think Dr. Ledbetter will do an excellent job,” said Rita Thakur, professor of business and economics and associate dean of the department of business management and leadership.

“She is a really well qualified person and she has a really good educational background,” she added.

Ledbetter said she was honored to follow Sawyer as program chair.

“For me it is a big honor to come after her,” Ledbetter said. “And it also encourages me to do a good job. My biggest concern is to do this job as well as she did.”

Ibrahim Helou, professor of finance in the department of applied business sciences and economics, said appointing Ledbetter to the position was a good choice.

“Dr. Bernice Ledbetter is a really capable lady and a very qualified person, and I think she will do a great job,” Helou said.

Ledbetter has a wealth of professional experience.

She is currently the president of Ledbetter Consulting Group.

She assists clients with leadership development, organizational change strategies and planning initiatives.

Ledbetter is also a philanthropist, having served on the board of directors of the Vesper Society, a group in northern California dedicated to developing community leaders and serving the health care needs of underprivileged people throughout the world.

Currently, she is involved in efforts to launch a charter school in Long Beach, which will help to address the educational and housing needs of inner-city children and their families.

Antonio Foncillas can be reached at boueron_11@hotmail.com.

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