Proposition picks for 2006

Posted Nov. 3, 2006

As the November election falls upon us, we at Campus Times would like to review a few of the ballot measures that we find most relevant and important during this election season.

However, due to the diversity in opinion of our editorial board members, we are only representing the majority opinion of this board and not that of everyone.

Whether or not you agree or disagree with these ballot measures we all feel that it is important to discuss them and to show up at the polls on Tuesday to vote and make your opinions known.


This proposition will create housing and development programs to shelter battered women as well as providing affordable housing for the elderly and low-income families, along with shelters for homeless families and children.

Each year more than 360,000 Californians find themselves without shelter and so it’s important to support this bond measure and help put a roof back over their heads.

As a community we are only strong if we are strong as a whole, and this bond will help to strengthen our California community for the better without even raising taxes.


This proposition will provide funding to California’s overcrowded schools and attempt to strengthen earthquake safety while also upgrading existing college and university buildings.

Despite this, proposition 1D has a price tag bond of $10.4 billion before interest and a short life span of only two years.

We can’t afford this type of short-term bond proposal when there are many more things that California needs besides more education spending. What we really need is a long-term bond, not a small 2-year one that won’t solve California’s long-term education problems.


Proposition 83 will put stronger rules on habitual sex offenders. It will require them to reside at least 2,000 feet from schools and parks, wear a global positioning system and increase the penalties for sex offenses.

This is a $500 million proposition that will not be effective because it doesn’t deal with the key issues. Sex offenders are many times relatives or acquaintances of the children they abuse.

Also a global positioning device is an expensive piece of hardware to give to all these offenders and also one that can’t be enforced. Lastly, forcing these offenders to move out of cities and into rural areas will only make the problem worse because rural areas tend to have smaller police forces.

This proposition is expensive and is not a well thought out solution to the issue of sexual predators.


This proposition, in the form of a constitutional amendment, would require parental notification and a waiting period of 48 hours before a minor could undergo an abortion.

This proposition doesn’t help teenage girls it puts them in harm’s way. Many times teenagers are apprehensive about confiding in their parents due to violence at home and the fear of abandonment.

It could also require teens to go to court in order to obtain permission for an abortion which would only inflate the problem since a pregnant teenager is not in need of judgment, only counseling.

This proposition is a stepping-stone to the over-turning of Roe v. Wade, and will have a detrimental impact on all women in America.


This proposition will impose an extra $2.60 tax on cigarettes along with other indirect tax increases on various tobacco products.

This tax will benefit children in need of health insurance, hospitals that provide emergency services and nursing education, as well as funding tobacco-use prevention programs, laws, research and treatments.

With an increase in the price of cigarettes hopefully there will be a decrease in the amount of smokers and as a result a decrease in the amount of smoking related deaths.

Tobacco kills and hopefully this proposition will save lives by decreasing the number of smokers in California.


This proposition is aimed to reduce California’s dependence on oil through a 1.5 percent to 6 percent tax on oil extracted from California.

This is a $4 billion program to promote alternative energy in California and its goal is to reduce our petroleum consumption by 25 percent though this program of research and production incentives for alternative energy.

Cleaner air and energy will only reduce air pollution in California and provide for a better California.

Oil companies are weighing down wallets at the pump.

It’s time to stand up and fight for clean air and energy, it’s time for oil companies to pay their dues to Californians.


This proposition puts new restrictions on the amount of money lobbyists and state contractors can contribute to candidates running for state offices.

It includes new eligibility requirements for candidates including a minimum number of $5.00 campaign contributions from individual voters and is funded through a 0.2 percent tax increase on the income tax of corporations and financial institutions.

This proposition is a step forward in the fight for fair elections free from the overbearing influence of special interest groups. It gives the power back to the voters and away from special interest groups who donate millions of dollars to forward their personal agendas. Put California back in the hands of the voters and away from the corrupt influence of lobbyists and special interest.


This proposition will restrict the government’s rights to obtain all types of private property in the pursuit of private interest.

It requires the government to pay property owners for the losses they bare due to new laws and regulations on private property and also puts a definition on what accounts for “just compensation.”

This proposition will help prevent the government from abusing eminent domain by giving back homeowners their rights and putting a fair market price tag on seized property so as to ensure fair compensation.

Don’t let the government devalue your private property or obtain it without paying a fair price for it.

Proposition picks for 2006

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