Flip flops reflect California's cool coastal style
Posted November 4, 2005
Kelly Rivas
Personal style is the inspiration for most of Chantae Smith’s footwear. Smith says she does not look to others for fashion tips but finds them by wandering around stores. With a spending limit of $15 or less, Smith shops anywhere from Target to Papaya for her fashionable foot finds.

Southern California is known for year round sun,
picturesque beaches and beautiful people. But most importantly, Californian culture is best known for its laid back beach style.

Flip flops are a major part of many Californian’s wardrobes and that style has become very popular throughout the United States.

Flip flops are no longer just for the beach. Students everywhere can be seen wearing these types of sandals with any outfit at any time.

Whether it is hot and sunny or a cold and rainy day, flip flops are worn in all types of weather conditions proving how versatile this choice of footwear can be.

The style of flip flops have changed as well.

No longer just simple and plain looking, flip flops have emerged into more intricate, stylish and unique designs.

Sequins, fuzzy material, wild prints and bright colors make these shoes stand out.

With such variation in design and comfort, many people choose to wear flip flops. The different styles go with almost every outfit.

“I think it helps our business,” Heather Smith, manager of Famous Footwear in Rancho Cucamonga, said of the variety. “It gives us customers and gives them more of a selection.”

People are wearing flip flops with everything from skirts and dresses to shorts and jeans.

Today, the consumer has a variety of choices as flip flops come in leather, suede, rubber and with platform and stiletto heels.

However, the classic flat style is still around and ever so popular.

“I wear them with practically everything,” sophomore nursing major Sarah D’Monte said. “It is just quick and easy.”

D’Monte, like most University of La Verne students, decided to wear flip flops on a daily basis due to the ease that comes with wearing them.

“I wear flip flops because they are comfortable,” D’Monte said.

Rather than just wearing flip flops to the beach and around the pool, flip flops provide a casual style to any outfit.

At the same time they can add a touch of flair and unique style.

“The fashion is trendy and a lot of fun,” said Mercy-Faith Kimbwala, a freelance fashion stylist and a senior business marketing major.

“It is good for people on the go,” she added.

California is known for a casual beach lifestyle and fashion, Kimbwala said.

People in other states look to California for the latest and hottest trends and flip flops are keyto this laid back style.

Not only are they comfortable, but as new styles and variations are continuing to be created, everyone, both old and young, is turning to flip flops to dress their feet.

Because of the variety, flip flops can be purchased for reasonable prices at stores like Target and Old Navy but the designer labels will be more expensive, Kimbwala said.

“California is like its own lifestyle brand,” Kimbwala said. “It’s the California look.”

Marilee Lorusso can be reached at mlorusso@ulv.edu.

Flip flops reflect California's cool coastal style

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