Campus Times
November 7, 2003

photo by Adam Omernik

Alexander Cockburn, co-editor of "Counterpunch," a political newsletter on the Internet, spoke to University of La Verne students and faculty last week in the Hoover Building. Cockburn also writes for The Nation, the New York Post, and co-authored "Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press." His most recent book is titled "The Politics of Anti-Semitism."

Top Stories

Fires impact health and wildlife

Even as the flames subside, air quality is still a concern in Southern California.

Online web journals more than digital diaries

The world of blogs encompasses everything from the trivial to the profound.



Cockburn derides failures of media

The Internet pundit faults the mainstream media for its handling of the war in Iraq and other political stories.

Homecoming weekend to host ULV alumni

The annual event gets a make-over, featuring several new events for both returning alumni and current students.

Alumnus Battin talks television

The Emmy-award winning ULV graduate visits a communications class.

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