Campus Times
November 8, 2002

photo by Christian Velazco

Some of the characters of the Wizard of Oz, Adam Hilton as the Tin Man, Matt Cornell as Dorothy and Jason Haldeman as the Scarecrow, appeared on Halloween night, asking for "trick-or-treats" in the scary city of La Verne.

Top Stories

Heckman pictures history

The retiring head librarian publishes his latest collection of historic California postcards.

Leopards clinch SCIAC

The women's volleyball team repeats its conference championship and looks toward post-season play.



LV quarterback off life support

Rollie Dykstra's condition improves slightly, according to his family's attorneys.

Halloween lives at LV

LVTV's annual "Halloween Live" is only slightly marred by an errant fire alarm.

Tents turn into play station

The commuter lounge now offers video games.

Flu season coughs up health awareness

The Health Center offers flu shots to the ULV community.

Campus safety publishes annual safety report

Crime rate rises on main campus.

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