Students' health addressed at ULV

Campus Times
November 9, 2001


by Tim Tevault
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Designed to accommodate student health needs, the 2001-2002 Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan is administered by Personal Insurance Administrators, Inc.

Every year, a brochure is issued to undergraduates through Student Accounts, informing them of the health insurance available to them, in addition to the brochure and insurance.

"We (the Student Health Center) have medical providers that are here. We also have over-the-counter medication," said Cindy Denne, director of student health services and services for students with disabilities, which oversees the health insurance program.

The insurance is included in tuition. Under the policy, students can make appointments with the physician, who is available on campus for appointments from only 9-11 a.m. Fridays.

Several physician assistants and registered nurses are also available at certain times throughout the week and are able to help students in need of immediate assistance.

The brochure details the specifics of the coverage.

According to the brochure, traditional undergraduate students are covered this semester from Aug. 27 through Jan. 31, 2002.

If students have a medical problem, in order to be covered by insurance, they must first go to the SHC. If the SHC cannot help the students, they must then get a referral to another medical center.

Exceptions to the referral rule include: medical emergencies, as well as care needed when the center is closed or when the student is more than 50 miles away from campus.

If a student is seriously injured or sick, the SHC staff will help the student to an alternate medical center, hospital or emergency room.

However, ULV does not take responsibility for any expenses incurred in the process.

Certain prescription and over-the-counter drugs are prescribed at the SHC, free of charge.

Immunizations for tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella and tuberculosis are also available given free of charge to undergraduates and are $5 for all other ULV personnel.

Denne also said the Resident Assistant staff is aware of the SHC and knows when to point students in the right direction.

"They (housing staff) have basic information to know when to refer them to us," she said.

In addition to all of the benefits offered, Denne said the SHC offers physicals and flu vaccines. The vaccines are by appointment only and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Student Health Center is located at the corner of E street and Second Street.