Tent city comes to LV

Campus Times
November 9, 2001


by Anna Roy
Assistant Features Editor

Starting at noon on Tuesday, members of the University of La Verne community will set up a tent city to dramatize the experience of Afghan refugees.

Th ULV community is invited to participate in the project sponsored by the Peace Studies Program, the Model United Nations and other students, staff and faculty.

The 24-hour event will feature speakers addressing the current humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

A letter announcing the event stated it would "symbolize the plight of refugees."

Several presentations will take place throughout the 24 hour-event, and participants will be encouraged to fast to honor the Islamic holy days of Ramadan.

The goal of the tent city is to raise awareness of the humanitarian effects of U.S. bombing in Afghanistan and to call for a redirection of human and material resources in the spirit of non-violent direct action, according to the letter.

An informational planning meetingwill be held today in the West Dining Room at noon.