La Vernacula returns to magazine stands
Posted November 11, 2005

After a one-year hiatus, University of La Verne’s Latino based literary magazine La Vernacula has returned.

“It was not published last year because I was on sabbatical,” said Andrea Labinger, professor of Spanish, honors director and La Vernacula’s adviser.

The magazine will pick up where it left off two years ago.

“La Vernacula publishes poems, essays, short stories, drawings and pictures containing various themes…anything that the students feel the need to express,” said senior Spanish major and La Vernacula Editor in chief Ivy Martinez.

The publication is still bilingual. Works submitted in Spanish will continue to be translated to English and vise versa.

“It’s a magazine designed to reach out to all people, but it has an emphasis on Latino culture,” Labinger said.

La Vernacula started in 1984 when Labinger had the “idea to publish a bilingual magazine…where students have the opportunity to express themselves through literature and art,” Martinez said.

“La Vernacula’s complete name is La Vernacula, The Latino Community Magazine, because it originally published literature that dealt with the Chicano movement and issues within the Latino community,” she added.

The name also is a play on words. La Vernacula means the native language of a region, and the city name La Verne is included in the name of the publication.

Many ULV students are excited about the publication.

“It’s a great way to show the cultural diversity at ULV,” said sophomore social science major Katie Watkins.

La Vernacula is currently soliciting submissions. There are submission boxes in Woody Hall, Miller Hall, Leo’s Den and Wilson Library.

“Anyone who wishes to be part of this magazine can join us,” Martinez said. “You don’t necessarily need to know Spanish because there are a lot of jobs in the making of the magazine, for example, organizing the works into the magazine and designing the structure of the final product.”

Submissions must be in by Feb. 24 in order to be included in the magazine, which will be published in May 2006.

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