Thinking BIG
Posted November 11, 2005
Emmah Obradovich
Wild hair styles come and go among college students. After a short time they no longer seem wild. These styles have been worn by Kimberly Johnson for 4 months, Chelsea Sherier for 14 years, Leah Rubertino for 3 years, Loren Gomez for 5 years, and Casey Heinen since this morning.

Boring, plain-jane hair-dos have come and gone. Men and women alike are styling their hair to accent their individuality and they are doing it in big, eye-catching ways. Whether they don ski slopes, mohawks, layered cuts, vintage bobs, short spiky muti-colored designs, or retro afros, students at the University of La Verne are using the simplest and most natural accessory they have: their hair.
And by doing so they are adding a little sparkle to their everyday wardrobes.

For some students big hair is a must.

Senior Ben De Ayora has a big natural afro that accents his outgoing personality.

“I like big hair. Its low maintenance and it hides my big ears,” De Ayora said. “I like the (hip-hop) style that goes along with it.”

De Ayora was not hesitant to share what hairstyles he feels look great on women.

“For girls I like highlights, I prefer brunettes with long layered hair. It’s sexy,” he said.

Some of the latest trends for women also include big puffy hair, long layers, short layers and spiky bobs. Another style, known as the ski slope, has become one of the most popular hairstyles around.

A ski slope is a clipper cut with a two-inch parameter that sticks straight up around the head. The back is cut with layers. The layers are jelled to a point and the sides are clipper cut from a fade to graduated layers up to the crown area.

Elaborate hair cuts aren’t the only way to grab attention. Students are also coloring their hair to add just a little pizazz.

Neutral soft shades are in for most hair types. For people with gray hair, the trend is to go all natural.

“The whiter, the better,” said Abel Gandara, a stylist at Get A Haircut in La Verne.

Kimberly Johnson, a senior majoring in multimedia, sports a short sheared layer cut with medium brown as the base and bleached vanilla bangs.

“I like mohawks, if it’s a good length. I think it looks hot on the person,” Johnson said. “I love the big hair styles, it makes women edgy. Only certain people can pull it off and the ones that do have the most original style.”

Senior Joyce Simmons likes to see a variety of hairstyles.

“I like natural hair styles, up do’s and the flip that Patty Duke used to wear. I’m glad its back,” Simmons said, “but most of all I love short spiky hair.”

Junior Christine Cochran has big hair naturally and her style has always been in fashion.

“Big hair never went out of style for me,” Cochran said. “I have thick naturally curly hair so it’s always big and I think it’s pretty, so women who have naturally curly hair, why not wear it big?”

Junior Casey Heinen has naturally messy hair with blonde highlights and prefers the simple style.

“I don’t pay a lot of attention to my hair,” Heinen said. “I prefer the wash and go look.”

Gandara said that some men do not want to mess with their hair, they just want to put on a hat and go. Others who are in corporate sales take a little more time with their style because they work with the public. They want to look presentable and in those cases, they come in for a trim every two weeks.

Students also frequent their local hairstylists and barbers regularly to stay on top of the latest trends.

Leah Rubertino, a senior from Ohio, prefers no fuss straight hair for her on-the-go lifestyle.

Because of her naturally curly hair, Rubertino gets Japanese straightening treatments twice a year; each treatment costs roughly $600.

“I can shower and go without taking a lot of time fixing my hair,” she said.
Hairstyles have always reflected the latest fashion trends of any given decade. Today’s styles are definitely a culmination of past trends.

“It’s funny how things come back in style, “ said junior Chelsea Sherier.

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Thinking BIG

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