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Campus Times
November 12, 2004

photo by Gloria Diaz

Hermia, played by Rhiannon Cuddy, awakens to see that Lysander is nowhere to be found. She goes into the forest to look for him where she finds Demetrius, played by James Darrah. Seeing his new-found love Hermia, Demetrius tries to seduce her after she accuses him of killing Lysander while Oberon, played by Chris Smith, and Puck, played by Zach Johnson, observe the confusion.

Thespians give a classic fresh flare

The Dailey Theatre production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" dazzles the audience.

LV student designs a plan to succeed

Mercy Faith Kimbwala balances her full-time school work with a career as a celebrity stylist.

Movie Review: Jude Law arresting to the ladies in ‘Alfie’

The remake of the classic film offers women plenty to swoon over.

Event features Christian bands

Faith Lutheran Church sponsors "Leap of Faith" to reach out to its young parishioners.