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Campus Times
November 14, 2003

photo by Reina Santa Cruz

Playing traditional Calypso music, Panhead came to La Verne on Wednesday. Panhead also performed original compositions, including "Sinister Minister" and "Fall from Grace." This event was the third of four Music on the Quad concerts. Panhead will be coming once again on Dec. 8 to perform with the West African Drum Ensemble. Playing the guitar was John Ballinger, Walter Gershonon saxophone, Donald Barrett on drums, Joseph Peek on steal drums (steal pans) and Tracy Arrington on bass.

An exploration into the human spirit

Rhona Shand's photographic exhibit "Liminal Significance" uses technology to touch very human emotions.

Feedback: The latest made-for-tv perversions

Taylor Kingsbury, columnist, doesn't want to get "Smart" or save Pvt. Lynch.

Fairman's 'Wünderglob' of ordinary objects

A new exhibit in the Harris Gallery finds new ways to look at the mundane.

Movie Review: 'Stain' explores racial dogma

"The Human Stain" explores racial and sexual sensitivies in an engaging, though occasionally unbelievable, way.