GIVE set to hold recycling event
Posted Nov. 14, 2008

The Green Initiative Village for Empowering will be holding a Recycling Fair “Give Back Go Green” on Nov.19, from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Sneaky Park, sponsored by ASULV and Phi Delta Theta.

Emily Romo, co-president of GIVE and senior English major, said that GIVE is working to help reduce the amount of debris that ends up in the landfill by recycling anything they can to help Mother Earth.

Programs like GIVE help divert a large quantity of plastic and glass containers from landfills.

Recycling is important for many reasons. People promote recycling as a way to keep waste out of landfills, which are often unpopular.

It is also important to remember that recycling recovers valuable raw materials.

Romo said that there will be a poster board that will provide information on how recycling, reducing pollution and saving energy can protect the planet.

There also will be information on how these items get lost in the storm drains everywhere with gushing bags, cans, bottles, cups and fast food containers that consequently go out to the sea, releasing toxins into the water.

Amanda McCadden, co-president of GIVE and a sophomore liberal studies major, became interested in GIVE because she is interested in the environment and the way we live.

“I really became interested in helping with the environment, and it is great to have a group on campus that has events like this and gets everyone involved,” McCadden said.

Romo said that GIVE would also be working with Robert Beebe, assistant director of facilities management, and the recycling department on campus to help make the event more successful.

ULV presently recycles any type of common recyclable goods, such as paper, plastic, aluminum and cardboard.

Though cardboard is collected separately, all other recycled goods are collected in the large 32-gallon blue totes on campus or in the small desk-side recycle bins located in every office on the ULV campus.

“All kinds of paper may be recycled such as envelopes with plastic windows, magazines, newspaper, cereal boxes and granola boxes,” Romo said.

“You would be surprised by some of the things you can recycle,” Romo said. “Other items such as eyeglasses and hearing aids can be recycled.”

“We have a huge list of things for people to bring in to us to recycle,” McCadden said.

There may be some items that have to be donated to a separate organization, such as the large queen size mattress or collection of plastic toilet seats in the garage, but GIVE said it will help find a place to recycle or donate it.

“Whatever it is, we will find a way to either recycle it, give back to the community or find an organization for you to donate it to,” McCadden said.

Even the Salvation Army or Goodwill is a good source geared toward helping those who are more underprivileged or just looking for a TV that works.

Other items that will be acceptable at the recycling fair are phone books, computers, cell phones and smoke detectors.

Some smoke detectors are considered hazardous waste because they contain small traces of Americium 241.

If this is the case, the manufacturer will recommend they be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Other items include ink cartridges, batteries, magazines, packing foam and foam peanuts.

Many recycling centers accept packing foam peanuts and even used bubble wrap.

For those with fluorescent bulbs, lamps, PDAs, books, carpets, rugs, padding clothes or plastic bags, GIVE will gladly take them off your hands.

GIVE will even take that old, fake plastic Christmas tree from last year.

McCadden said that there will also be other booths set up by different organizations such as the Global Medical Brigade, which helps supply medical supplies to third world countries.

Other groups such as “Earth Family and Home, the science department and individual ULV faculty will also be present.

Those who volunteer will receive a free save the planet T-Shirt with GIVE’s logo on it. And those who bring in the most recyclables or show up early can receive a reusable bag and participate in a raffle.

Jennifer Kitzmann can be reached at

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GIVE set to hold recycling event

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