Campus Times
November 16, 2001

photo by Juan Garcia

Faculty and students gathered in the Quad on Tuesday to erect a tent city. Primarily sponsored by the Peace Studies Program and Model United Nations, the tent city was aimed at raising awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The event included an open forum for students and faculty to discuss the war.

Top Stories

LV event mimics Afghani experience

Participants in a tent city discuss the effects of war on the people of Afghanistan.

Kennedy-Cuomo soon to address human rights

The influential human rights activist will speak on campus Nov. 27.



Former employee sues University

John Osborne claims defamation after being dismissed from the College of Law.

Small class size and campus attract new students

A number of reasons are cited for ULV's booming enrollment.

Students help with ad campaign

Their skills are once again brought to bear on the General Motors marketing project.

Budget plans to be decided by Trustees

The Board of Trustees will be meeting to handle a variety of different fiscal issues.

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