ULV students know how to dodge
Posted Nov. 16, 2007
Steven Bier
The dodgeball tournament hosted Nov. 7 and 8 by CAB, began at 10 p.m. on the basketball court. The football team’s Branamier Courtney, Jason Carpenter and Anthony Tripple launched an attack on the water polo team, and in the end, were defeated.

Dodge, dip, dive, duck, dodge. These are the five essentials Patches O’Houlihan from the movie “Dodgeball” says you need to win a dodgeball tournament.

The Campus Activities Board began its intramural dodgeball tournament Nov. 7.

The tournament began with 15 teams and was single elimination night. The next night, only eight teams competed and it was best two out of three until they were down to four teams. Those four teams played Nov. 14 for the finals, which was also the best two out of three.

“It was a really great turn out this year. We had the most teams we have ever had for an intramural dodgeball tournament,” said Claire

Bodenhoefer a senior liberal studies major and a member of CAB. “The teams were really prepared this year, they even came in matching outfits for their team.”

CAB even had a team compiled of students and their adviser Barbara Mulligan. They all wore matching yellow shirts with black writing.

“Our team came out in matching outfits representing the organizations that we were from,” said junior Antoinette Borders, a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Sigma Kappa team. “It was fun to get out there with your teammates and friends and play a game that we all used to love playing as kids.”

To play dodgeball there are six people on a team and six balls in the center.

When the referee says ‘go’ the players from each team run to get the balls.

If you hit your opponent with the ball they are out. If they catch a ball before it touches the ground, then the person who threw the ball is out and the team that caught the ball gets to bring back a member that was out.

“I came out to support all my friends that were playing dodgeball,” said Jessica Vergara, a junior movement and sports science major. “They are all playing really well and I am surprised at how good some of them are.”

The Sigma Kappa and Sigma Alpha Epsilon team were one of the four teams to play in the finals on Thursday.

“We played really well and got pretty lucky,” said John Lejay a sophomore art and communications major and member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Sigma Kappa team. “I am really looking forward to seeing how far we make it in the next round.”

The bleachers were full of friends and fans cheering on the teams.

All the teams played really well and put out a lot of effort in their games, but only one team could go home with the title of intramural dodgeball champions.

The winners of the tournament received certificates.

Marin Hummel can be reached at mhummel@ulv.edu.

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