Faculty prove their smarts
Posted Nov. 16, 2007

Diana Zarate
Staff Writer

Students of the University of La Verne proved to be smarter than the ULV faculty, well just for a night.

Monday night students came out to watch or participate in “Are You Smarter than Your ULV Faculty?” an event put on by the Office of Housing and Residential Life.

The host for the night was Bobby Ruiz, a senior movement and sports science major and a resident assistant for Brandt Hall.
Ruiz, along with Diana Lopez, an RA for the Oaks put on the event.

“It was kind of a brain child, since RA training, for students to interact with the ULV faculty in an impersonal level,” Ruiz said.

Students went head to head with faculty members of the University in a friendly competition surrounding different subjects.

There was a wide range of subjects students were able to choose from.
There were the general education categories including: math, history, science and geography, along with others such as Greek life, pop culture, ULV and rules of parking.

Each student was chosen randomly from those who attended.

After they were chosen, they were allowed to pick which faculty member they wanted to go up against.

Janie Van Ryn was one of the winners of the night. It was a fun experience for Van Ryn since she knew some of the faculty she played against.

“I always felt our teachers were approachable and (the game) kind of shows that,” Van Ryn, a senior chemistry major, said.

Not just playing against the faculty, but seeing how they acted in that setting brought out a side of them that students do not usually see.

Throughout the game they joked around, made each other laugh and most of all had a good time.

The ULV faculty members playing were Chip West, Barbara Mulligan, Mike Laponis, Maia Kinsinger, Daniel Loera, Jerome Garcia and Joanna Engel.

The faculty that participated are members of the Faculty Fellows Program that the Office of Housing and Residential Life has between the RAs and faculty members on campus.

“I was nervous going in, but I think I did well,” Barbara Mulligan, associate director of student life said. “I just didn’t want to let the students down if I didn’t know the answer or feel embarrassed that I didn’t know the answer.”

The game is very similar to the popular television game show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” where contestants are pitted against typical fifth grade students.

The contestants are asked questions ranging in different areas at the fifth grade level.

Just like on the game show, students were able to use three cheats: a peek, a copy and a save.

A peek occurs when the student can look at the faculty member’s answer and then decide if they want to use that answer or their own; a copy, where they copy whatever answer the other person has; and save, where if they student gets the answer wrong they can be saved if the faculty member has the correct answer.

Mulligan was happy knowing the answer to a question a student needed help on.

“I was pretty proud of myself that I knew the singer of AC/DC,” Mulligan said.

This question was one of several cheats that students had to rely on the faculty for help.

“It was different, interesting and fun,” Halbert, a junior computer science major said. “Standing up there was easy.”

More events including faculty members are set to come. One of the events will be the “Faculty’s Last Lecture” series, a week long program of faculty members giving lectures as if they were their last ones.

“More things that come out like this, the more tight-knit the community is,” Ruiz said.

Diana Zarate can be reached at dzarate@ulv.edu.

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