Show some love for Old Town
Posted Nov. 16, 2007
editorial cartoon

For many students, faculty and staff alike, it is becoming too easy nowadays to head to the local fast food place to get their lunch, dinner or snack during their day at school.

But what about those good ol’ mom and pop stores? Let’s face it, most of us have neglected these restaurants, instead heading to major fast food chains to pick up our lunches.

There are several wonderful restaurants just a short walk up the street in Old Town La Verne that are probably better than those fatty fast food chains.

As one of the oldest parts of the city, the downtown section of La Verne has seen some changes in restaurants and shops over the years but still maintains a local mentality to serve the community and provide the best service to them.

Among the many mainstays and favorites that students enjoy include Warehouse Pizza, Aoki, Casa Garcia, T-Phillips, Bowl House and Phoenix Garden, among others.

Yet we still often settle on making more food corporations wealthier by purchasing their products rather than supporting our local establishments from thriving and surviving among them.

But of course we are not obligated to purchase anything from Old Town La Verne.

You the consumer do not owe anything to this section of the city because we are entitled to purchase and buy whatever we want.

Yet, we can often get the same products and services at Old Town establishments than we would get at other major corporations or companies.

You can argue that price is one reason we often pick non-Old Town businesses for our shopping and food needs, when in reality Old Town establishments often offer competitive prices with friendly service in addition to being local.

There is also the argument that the food is not the same when many food places around Old Town often offer the same choices, healthier options and better quality food that is freshly prepared, compared to other fast food places.

Finally, the availability of downtown La Verne is often better than commuting to go buy your food or going shopping because it is more local and can usually be done on foot because of the school’s distinct location in the area.

So why not try eating and shopping at the several restaurants and shops throughout the Old Town area?

Sure, many of those restaurants do not have credit card capabilities, but even those aspects shouldn’t hinder your eating and shopping experience.
It is special to be able to even have an area like this, so close in proximity to campus and be able to shop and eat there.

Many cities throughout the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire do not have the luxury that many of us have here in Old Town.

Not only it is a change from big and nationalized places like McDonald’s or Wal-Mart, but you’ll feel good about it in the end.

Because it is not only that you are helping the community of La Verne, but you are also helping the city develop as a whole, while receiving your product with great care and service.

For us at the Campus Times, we have become conscious of how much interaction we have with Downtown La Verne.

So instead of settling for the local Subway or Panda Express, we can try similar choices like Warehouse Pizza’s sandwiches or Bowl House.

Not only can it sometimes make a difference in your pocket but you might feel good about it afterwards. In the end, it is time for all of us to show some love for Old Town now.

Show some love for Old Town

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