Harp jazzes crowd
with funky beats
Posted November 18, 2005

On Tuesday night, the University of La Verne music department presented
The Lori Andrews Jazz Harp Quartet. Although admission was free for students, not many filled Founders Auditorium.

Andrews, who plays the electric harp, was accompanied by her husband Bart Samolis as the bass player, Mark Hollingsworth as the saxophonist and Kurt Walther as the drummer.

The quartet has been together for over a decade and has performed in many different arenas.

The quartet has performed at many different jazz festivals around Southern California.

They also serve as the house band every year at the Academy Awards Technical Achievement Division. Their music plays in the background as winners are ushered to and from the stage.

Andrews goes beyond traditional harp music and combines jazz, fusion and R&B to create her unique sound.

Andrews, who has performed at ULV before, was invited back and was excited to return and perform some of her latest work.

Currently, she has seven CDs to her credit.

In the back of the auditorium Dorothy Pierson and her husband, Norman, had the albums on display for sale.

“I think I need to stop putting the word ‘string’ in all my CDs being that I play the harp,” Andrews said jokingly to the audience.

“They’ve played for the King and Queen of Spain, past Presidents of the United States, they have done sitcoms like ‘The Drew Carey Show’ and soap opera weddings just to name a few,” Dorothy Pierson said.

Norman and Dorothy have traveled with Andrews and the band, taking care of merchandising for 12 years.

As the band played, the crowd fell silent and listened.

The performance was upbeat and funky which entertained the audience.

People trickled in as they heard the music in the halls.

“I was in the computer lab and heard the music and was interested because it sounded really good,” sophomore Clifton Baker said. “I’m a big jazz fan.”

“I liked it, I came with my girlfriend and really enjoyed it,” sophomore psychology major Darrell Thompson said.

Many people may have overlooked the funky sounds of this quartet on shows like “Living Single” and movies like “A Line of Fire.”

Overall, the band brought an enjoyable night to the students, residents, and faculty of La Verne.

Amira Seyoum can be reached at aseyoum@ulv.edu.

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Harp jazzes crowd
with funky beats

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