CAB attends activities conference
Posted Nov. 21, 2008
Erin Brockman
Roxanne Garcia, John Leggett, Mike Rogers, and Kyle Quintero await instruction from Ruby Ballestamon during Twister Night, a CAB event held on Nov. 11 in Leo’s Den. Evelyn Castro and Ami Smith, the coordinators of this event, as well as Sami Cacchione, got in on the fun by laughing at the mayhem and taking pictures as the contestants in a game of Twister got tangled up.

The Campus Activities Board is more than up to speed in coordinating events for students on campus.

With its new Web site containing a comprehensive list of events, it is time to check them out.

“We did have some challenges in getting the Web site up earlier in the semester because it took a little longer to get the work orders processed,” CAB adviser Barbara Mulligan said.

Mulligan said that the many flyers posted around campus, the information booths and just plain word of mouth, have really helped in getting students to attend CAB events.

CAB student representatives attended the National Association for Campus Activities Conference in Ontario at the Convention Center last weekend to gain new ideas for the remainder of this semester and for spring.

Mulligan said that students who attended were introduced to other marketing skills, were able to meet other students and learned new and fresh ideas for planning campus events.

“The conference is such a great way to swap ideas with other venders, meet marketing experts and bring ideas back to the University,” Mulligan said.

CAB Special Events Chair­woman Evelyn Castro said that many of the activities offered at the conference were to preview artists, musicians, comedians and poets who would be available to perform at events at the school.

Castro said that she was amazed by what she learned in one of the sessions on building creative ideas.

“It was a great way to gather ideas from other activities boards from other schools,” Castro said.

“In one of the sessions, they had attendees brainstorm and had a group discussion on how many ways a glass could be used,” Castro said. “This really helped in getting us to think creatively, and everyone thought of so many ways such as a cookie cutter, a magnifying glass, a pencil holder and so many other ideas. It was really neat.”

“The conference was a great way to meet other students from other universities and share ideas,” CAB Intramural Chair­man Adam Jaime said.

The conference also got CAB members to start planning for next semester’s events, and they have already started thinking about the new ideas for spring.

“I was very impressed with the professional representation that the conference offered,” CAB Major Events Co-Chair­woman Naime Laskar said.

Laskar said that it was great to talk to professionals and other vendors about planning and expanding ideas to help make ULV events better.

“I am looking forward to spring semester and the events we are looking forward to having,” Laskar said.

While CAB members look for new events for students to attend, they also concentrate on how they can give back to the community.

For example, Jaime said that the Turkey Bowling event on Wednesday was not just about rolling turkeys down a plastic runway to hit bowling pins, but that the frozen turkeys everyone brought were given to charity and homeless shelters.

Another upcoming event is the Diabetes Walk this Saturday at Ortmayer Stadium that starts at 9 a.m. that will raise money for the cause. Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Sigma Kappa will sponsor the event in the fight against diabetes.

CAB is also thinking about commuters and making them feel at home Dec. 3 at 11 a.m. in the Quad.

CAB will host its annual winter commuter day and will offer free food, games and prizes.

As Christmas gets closer, CAB members are already thinking about putting a smile on children’s faces with a toy drive from Dec. 1 to Dec. 12 in the residence halls.

So if you missed the big screening of “The Dark Knight” this week or the game of Twister on Tuesday, stay tuned next semester because CAB members will have a new bunch of comedians, artists and fun events up their sleeves for you to enjoy.

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