Movie Review 

'Jackass' continues crude antics

Campus Times
November 22, 2002


by Jaclyn Roco
LV Life Editor

Where would you find an imp of a man dressed up as an imitation of Super-Man, a Sumo wrestling wannabe and a male stripper dancing in front of a confounded policeman?

Obviously not in real life, or so you would think.

Johnny Knoxville, MTV veteran, and his gang, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius and the rest, do it again in the 2002 release, "Jackass, The Movie."

Performing often deadly, and hilarious stunts, the gang succeeded in turning the heads of those in the far East as well as a United States barely able to hang on to the edge of the movie theater's chairs.

The stunts were that funny, or shall I say stupid. And appropriately enough, a sage warning in big white letters appeared in the beginning of the movie, asking the audience to refuse to even attempt any of the following scenes.

Performing any of the stunts would indeed be hazardous to one's health.

Gashed heads, slight concussions and paper cuts were only some of the injuries the actual actors experienced.

Imagine what you would feel just watching them get hurt. You would definitely not feel amused; that's for sure.

Shot in both the United States and Japan, the movie contained scenes bordering on repulsive.

Never before could you encounter the sight of grown men puking their brains out while filming or performing nature's call (number two, that is) all in the presence of actual unsuspecting people.

Dancing bears running through the streets of Japan, flipping over golf carts in a busy golf course, grumpy old men running over each other with their wheelchairs and walking a tightrope over a swamp of alligators are just some juicy tidbits to entice you.

Just make sure to bring a wad of tissue or prepare a barf bag on your lap; there may be times when you'll need it!

If you are familiar with the MTV series, "Jackass," do not expect more than what you already suspect will be in the film. Expect a lot more.

"Jackass, The Movie" was especially formatted for the movie screen because most of its scenes were inappropriate for cable.

When inappropriate is mentioned, it indicates more than just the usual flash of nudity or profane language commonly thread throughout Hollywood.

Take the sea cucumber scene for example. What sea cucumber, you ask?

Perhaps it would be better said to steer away from the question; the sight of sticky, white ooze floating in sea foam can be left to whet your imagination. Or how about the toy car scene?

Only Knoxville would be able to entice his friends to do something so entirely revealing.

This movie is the epitome of seriously insane, and the "questionable rating" (yes that's what the rating is) just goes to prove it.

So beware of horrifying images of butts galore and the foulness that usually accompanies its duty; this movie is definitely not for the faint of heart (or gumption that is).