Dietz authors success guide
Posted Nov. 30, 2007

Francine Gobert
Staff Writer

Among her many titles which include professor, motivational speaker, and sales trainer Janis Dietz is also an author. And with the release of her second book, “The Three Simple Secrets of Success After the Diploma: Integrity, Persistence and Discipline,” she offers important advice to her readers.

“Integrity, persistence and discipline. Those three principles I weave throughout the book,” Dietz said.

The book is aimed specifically at graduating seniors who will have to figure out the real world of work for themselves.

“My intent with this book is to remind them of some key elements of their education, such as integrity and goal setting, which they must now put into practice,” Dietz said.

The book consists of 20 chapters that provide the new work force with advice, tools and important life skills that will assist them in the real world.

“It is a really straight forward book for graduating students, it gives simple and honest advice,” Issam Ghazzawi, associate professor of management said. “She gives heart to heart advice about life because she wants her students to be successful.”

Dietz says that some of the most important chapters of the book are the last chapters, which include such topics as networking, failing forward, never giving up, and setting stretch goals.

“She's always encouraging us to never give up. She says, you have to expect to fail in life to be successful. As she puts it, ‘fail forward’ don't give up,”Vanessa Martinez, senior business administration major, said.

“My best advice to seniors is don’t worry, life works out, you live in the greatest country with the greatest opportunities,” Dietz said.“Believing in yourself is important.”

As a professor of business administration, Dietz knows an abundance of information about business from more than educational experience.

As a consultant in the areas of sales and customer service Dietz has plenty of real world experience to support what she teaches.

“I’m teaching my students the same skills that I had to use in my career,” Dietz said.
“My objective in my classes is to make a difference and I can make a difference in the classroom more than I could in a corporation.”

Her resume includes working for such companies as Johnson & Johnson, Masco Corporation and General Electric.

“All of my jobs have been rewarding,” Dietz said.

Dietz has won many awards in her years of service in the business world including the Sector Service award from General Electric, which is a major award that is given to 10 people a year in a division.

Dietz says that when she received the award she was the only women selling in the division at that time.

“I talk to my classes about the companies I worked for all the time,” Dietz said.

“I have had the pleasure of taking Dr. Dietz for two semesters here at the university, principles of marketing and now business seminar, and although she has been a challenging instructor, I have taken so many lessons from her teachings,” Martinez said.

As a professor at the University Dietz was also honored with the 2006 Excellence in Teaching Award for Undergraduate teaching.

“Dr. Dietz is an expert on marketing and brings a wealth of experience with big corporations and ideas in addition to her academic knowledge,” Ghazzawi said.

Dietz Earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Rhode Island, a master’s in business administration from Cal Poly Pomona, and upon her leave from business she earned a Ph.D. from the Claremont Graduate University and thereafter began her teaching career.

Dietz is also a member of the American Marketing Associa­tion, and has been an advisor for the on campus association for 10 years.

“The AMA offers tremendous abilities to students,” Dietz said.

The AMA is the national organization for marketers which includes a network of over 40,0000 people including students and professionals who share valuable information and resources.

For more information about Dietz she can also be reached at or (909) 593-3511, ext. 4231.

Dietz’s book can be found on, and the ULV bookstore. She will also be selling the book herself.

Francine Gobert can be reached at

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Dietz authors success guide

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